Thursday, January 12, 2012

Its been a long time

Hello everyone,
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!
We have had a great year, with very few problems Jesse's health. She is continuing phlebotomy, and that has brought her iron count down to 1250. She still needs to
dump another 1200 to be normal. In February, she will go in for another liver scan to see what damage the iron and chemo has, or prayerfully has not done to her liver.
Tomorrow she will be going to urgent care, she has had a chest cold for way to long, and we have to worry about her getting pneumonia. Of course they will draw her blood and gasp at the low platelets and kidney counts and insist she needs a transplant. Jesse will have to talk them down off a cliff and tell them that is
her normal.....
We lost jesse's website - someone bought it at renewal. So I bought  you can enter that into the search, and the blog should show up.
I will update those results when I get them.
Be blessed, and thank you for checking in.


Darla said...

Maybe they will sell you back your jessecatron blog. I will undo all back links built for now. Wish I had known!!!! Glad to hear all is pretty well! Will pray that Jesse doesn't get pneumonia!!!! Oil of Oregano....awesome stuff - anti viral and antibacterial as well as anti fungal!

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