Monday, July 25, 2011


Hi All,
Jesse had her Oncology appt today. Her blood looks great and her platelets are at 128,000. Normal would be a minimum of 140,000. Dr Boklan has decided to keep her off the exjade (med that takes iron out of her liver), as it is causing more problems with her kidneys. Instead she will have phlebotomy done once a month for now. We can go to United Blood right by our house and have about 400cc taken out. This will help rid her blood and in turn her liver of the extra iron. It will take many many months to achieve this.
Jesse wants to be able to hydrate and draw her own blood once she gets her phlebotomy license. We will See :)
We are still waiting on the labs to get her Creatine and iron counts. Hopefully tomorrow we will have the update.
We are so blessed,
Love Team Catron


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