Sunday, April 17, 2011

What to do??

Jesse had her top two wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday, and all went well. The next day the inside of her mouth was full of ulcers. We all know Jesse well enough that this means she wont eat or drink! So, Sunday we were off to Nextcare to see what we could get for her mouth. They drew her blood and hooked up hydration, all good. Then they come back in and stopped the hydration, her potassium is to low to give her water. If they dilute the potassium she does have, it will not be enough for her heart. So back home to take her potassium pills in hopes it will come up. She is drinking gatorade, and had some mac & cheese. They also took a urine sample and found protein and blood in the urine. He asked us if she was in kidney failure,  hmmm not that we know of. Now we get to call PCH in the morning with those results and I am sure a further look into the problem there. Sounds like our week is about to fill up with appointments.
Have a blessed week,
Team Catron


Grandma and Grandpa Wayne said...

Hello, my Sunshine! Sounds like you are having it a little rough. I am really glad our Anchor in Christ Jesus holds strong and firm: He never wavers. Seems too, that you and Grandpa Wayne are running a race to see who goes to the hospital and doctors most often in a week! Up and down, up and down the Interstate, praising the Lord for His mercies and favors. Please remember we are praying always, day and night, knowing Jesus is holding you in His arms. A lot of people in this area is praying for you also. All our love surrounds you--

Roxie said...

Praying things go better this week, and the appt's bring good or at least settling news. Love you Jessie!

Aimee- said...

Thank you for all the updates. We are praying. My heart goes out to you Jesse and your family.

Lisa said...

Praying and resting in the promise that nothing comes to you that has not been through God's hands. We love you guys.

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