Thursday, March 18, 2010


What a great time we are having on the island of Maui. Tuesday we went out on a Trilogy boat and went whale watching and snorkeling. To our surprise, Kenzie was the first one in. Clent opted for the snuba gear, and was able to go down 35' to get up close and personal with the fish. The girls all floated on the surface, safe from all the ocean predators. The next night, we went to was the Old Lahina luau. We had lots to eat, and a great show. To our surprise, the family sitting with us was also from Phoenix, then as we all shared our family info, we found out we where sitting with Brian Urlacker from the Chicago Bears. As Clents says, he is the "baddest guy on the planet" .
Jesse has had some pretty rough mornings. yesterday we had breakfast, and as soon as we jumped out of our car, Jesse threw up in the bushes. Jesse says she now officially feels like a "rock star". Today was the same, omitting the throw up. She felt sick and stayed in the room most of the day. She did feel much better in the afternoon. We all went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, and took many crazy photos along the way.
Clent is being eyed everywhere we go. Many think he is the WWE wrestler Stone Cold, other know he must be famous, but cant decide who he is.
Well, tomorrow we check out of the Hyatt, and into the Westin-More great times ahead.
Much Love,
Team Caron