Sunday, March 21, 2010

Panic Mode

Catron's reporting from sunny Maui,
We awoke this morning to Dakota coming into our room saying "Jesse cant breath!!" We jumped into panic mode, because last night at dinner, Jesse broke out in a rash, and all we could think was anaphylactic shock. Her upper chest hurt, and she could not get a deep breath. My first thought is anxiety. We gave her a drink and sent her out on the deck overlooking the ocean. This calmed her down, eased her breathing and all was fine. Jesse told us she had been this way for hours, so she did not think it could be anxiety, as she did not feel anxious. Anxiety is odd, and can show up even when you do not feel stressed or anxious. A few hours later her and Dakota went down to breakfast, arrived back at the room, Jesse got sick again and threw up. THis seems to be the normal routine. By afternoon, she is fine and continues to eat and drink. So, tonight she will not get the estrogen at all, and we will see how the morning goes.
Clent also has a rash all over his arms. This showed up last Wednesday. His arms are puffy and itchy, and nothing seems to be helping at all. I guess we should have taken up the offers of the nurses asking if they can come along :)
Tomorrow if all goes well, we are planning on surfing lessons. I will be sitting this one out, and have opted to take the photos instead.
Much Love,
Team Catron


God's Girl said...

Great photos!

Darla said...

Hope you get to feeling better today! are there any little buggers in the room? Allergy to sun? Allergy to FUN in the sun? okay its a stretch.
Last night on Celebrity Apprentice the project on the girls team was for Kodak and the charity was Make A WISH - made me think of you all over there having fun in th sun!
BE GOOD!!!!!
Oh and in my name I linked to my blog with video of a basset hound that is not lazy. Thought you would enjoy when you get back!

Anonymous said...

hi guys how about allergies to shellfish ?
try some antihistamine. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
Love Mom

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