Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hello from Maui!!
Yesterday Jesse again proved to e a Rock Star and lost her breakfast in her favorite bush. We have discovered that the Estrogen she is on makes her sick. She did not take one this morning and her food stayed down. She will start taking it at night, and hopefully will wake up felling great. Today we went Boogie Boarding in Kaanapali. Jesse made the statement "last year I could not walk, and today I am Boogie Boarding!" So true, we are very thankful for her recovery. We had a few good waves, and road them into the shore. We all ended up taking a lot of sand back with us to the room :) . Dakota missed out on the fun, she is sick and stayed in the room. Stuffy nose, dizzy and just not feeling well. Praying that she will feel better tomorrow.
Much Love, Team Catron


Grandma and Grandpa Catron said...

Hello Darling Catrons! I hope I can get this posted to you--I haven't been able to for quite awhile.

It sounds like you all are having a good time (aside from Jesse's tummy acting up, and Dakota not feel well). I am thrilled to see the pictures, as you all look so good and look healthy.We are praying constantly for you all, 24/7 (just about!), and continually praising the Lord for what He has done, is doing, and is going to do for you all.
Keep the FAITH at all times.
Our love and prayers,

Toni said...

Looks like such a great trip guys! Hope everyone can feel better the rest of the time.

Love from Oregon,
The Rieger Family

God's Girl said...

Oh man again.... now praying for Dakota to feel better! I'm glad you have two weeks there so no matter what, you have the time to enjoy God's beautiful creation and each other.

I pray for God's sweet blessings on you all!

Love to you!