Sunday, December 20, 2009

Traveling to Oregon

Hello Everyone,
We headed off to Oregon on Thursday. First off while we are still at home waiting to go to the airport, Jesse doesnt feel so well, and throws up her breakfast. Shortly after that, we head to the airport, all seems pretty good. As we are waiting to board, Jesse starts feeling sick again, and gets a panic attack boarding the plane. Upon entering the door of the plane, I motion to Clent to get a sick bag just incase. Well, good thing- Jesse throws up her entire walk down the isle of the plane to the back where our seats are. You could see the faces of the other passengers as she walks by (please dont let her sit by me) One guy actually looked like he was going to get sick, watching her get sick. So finally in our seats, she sips a little water to try and hydrate. During out 2 1/2 hour flight, she begins to feel a little better. Finally the plane lands, we walk off, and Dakota gets her to the bathroom, where she again throws up. At this point, we are worried about dehydration, and her heart being at a high altitude and her blood thinning. We decide to call airport EMT's to take a look at her. They arrive, take her blood pressure and oxygen level, and all seems good. Off we go to Astoria. We had a great time clam digging, and just hanging out. Time for more drama, Dakota wakes up, and heard her neck crack at 4:00 am. So, not knowing if she has a bone out of whack, off to emergency clinic, I am sure Jesse was pleased as punch it was not her we where taking. Dakota pulled the muscles in her neck, and was promised a few days of little neck movement.
Today was a good day, Jesse ate and drank without getting sick, and Dakota's neck is feeling better. I am sure my mom feels like she is now living in an urgent care clinic. We still have plans to get back down to the beach, climb the Astoria Column and do some more sight seeing.
Hope everyone had a great weekend,
Blessings-Team Catron


Toni said...

Oh my what a start! It can only go UPHILL from now on right? Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Love from the Rieger Family

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Thanks for the update. Sounds like things are starting out far more exciting than desired! Would you like a blizzard and 13 inches of snow also?
We will continue to pray that all goes well and smoothly from now on. Greet everyone for us, and ENJOY!!!
Our love and prayers,

praisinyahweh said...

Hope the trip is becoming a little more uneventful ... missed your smiling faces behind the coffee counter ... but am so thankful for your time away. :)

Lisa said...

Hello from Japan to the Catrons! I am visiting our son, who is in the Navy and stationed here. I'm sorry the trip to Oregon was so eventful, Jesse - I know there are several issues going on that can make you sick, but I have to share, traveling makes me so anxious that I have to be very careful about eating . . . to avoid those little bags. I nearly had a full blown panic attack at one point during the 1000 hour flight from San Fran to Japan - so packed in and unable to move, I got hot and anxious and just wondered what they would do with me if I decided to just let go and freak out. If I was sure it would mean an upgrade to first class, I'd do it!

I think you are returning in a couple of days - the home trip is easier than the outbound because you've already done the route and know what to expect.

Glad you all got a chance to break the home routine and visit with family - such a great time of year for that!

Much love from the Suazos -
Lisa San

Erica said...

What great pictures!! So glad you all had a good time!! Crazy urgent care family for sure!

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