Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Baby Kenya

Hi Everyone its Jesse.
Today was a very tough day. This morning my mom had taken Kenya out to the bathroom and I called her upstairs and I noticed her eye looked really odd and was dilated and all foggy. We took her into the vets office and he said that she is blind. So we are trying to find an Aussie rescue that deals with blind Aussies and see if they will take her. I am so sad and just heart broken that I have to give her up, but I know that I am not able to train a blind dog. I know that they will love her and be able to train her. My life just keeps getting better and better every day.



Grandma and Granpa said...

Jesse Girl, we are so sorry about Kenya. We know it is heart breaking. However, God can turn disappointments and heart aches into gladness, if we turn it over to Him. We will pray God turns your sorrow into blessings with a special "goodness" surprise.

We are rejoicing continuosly that you are getting better and better!!! Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!

(I may not be a velvet tapestry, But even crazy quilts have purpose)

Natalie said...

Hi Jesse,
I am so sorry for your doggy! However, AZ Aussie Rescue is great and would find a great home for her.


Lisa said...

I'm sorry, Jesse - this is a tough break for you to have to give up your puppy. I have a friend who raises Australian Shephards and shows them . . . she is often at the park with her dogs and leading a class for other Aussie owners. If you run into a problem finding a good home for Kenya, I'd be happy to talk to my friend for suggestions. Just have your Mom email me - lsuaz@yahoo.com

Mia said...

Hey Jesse its me, Mia the one who made that website, and mckenzie's friend. Sorry about kenya :| at least u took care of her and gave her a happy experience!! >_< :D God puts out bad things for us to handle becuase he knows we can take it. You are a really strong and and a big inspreasion (hope i spelled that right!!) Blessings and all
Love is life

Anonymous said...


You are amazing! Even when you feel as though you are losing something completely special and important in your life, you still have a wonderful outlook and attitude! Continue to trust in the Lord and He will fill your cup and direct your paths!

Much Love and Blessings,


Anonymous said...

An amazing aussie rescue that specializes specifically in Aussie shepards with hearing, vision or both problems.

Amazing Aussies Lethal White Rescue of Arizona
PO Box 31245
Mesa, AZ 85275


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