Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting Ready for Oregon

Hello Everyone,
Jesse is doing well-Her last appointment, she just needed IVIG (immune booster). All of her levels where great, and we are hoping they stay that way throughout our vacation to Oregon. We will be leaving the 17th, and returning on the 29th. We already have her return appointments lined up for a possible blood transfusion, Echo of her heart and Doctor followups. Again we are battling the insurance program from the state. Her coverage ends again on Jan 1st. We have to have $20K in outstanding monthly medical bills to qualify. That is really hard to do considering the state was paying 100%. It is a catch 22 that is really unreasonable. Sounds like an extended stay at Phoenix Childrens Hospital may be in order for her to continue to receive her meds and blood transfusions.
Jesse is somewhat relieved to not have Kenya. She had forgotten what a tough job a new puppy is. Kenya went to a wonderful organization called Amazing Aussies. They specialize in placing special need Aussies, and will give her the confidence she is lacking to become a great pet one day.
Have a great week,
Team Catron



So glad that Jesse is doing well. She is such an inspiring person to me. So strong and beautiful. I pray you all have a wonderful Christmas! Much love & many blessings to ya'!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Praise the Lord, Catrons 5!!
We are so thrilled for every good report: and so THANKFUL that God is Faithful and True; always finishes the work He begins, and does all things extremely well!! No shabby carpentery, rough or weak edges.----Guess that means a smooth finishing, well and perfect, right?
We are very enthused about your trip to Washington and Oregon. We will continue praying and praising for all God is doing in your lives, and for your safety and protection. We send our greetings to everyone. ENJOY!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Catron

Lisa said...

Hey Jesse - we are so excited for you and your family to be going on such a great trip!

I have to tell you, you are inspiring one of my dear family members - my cousin was just diagnosed with throat cancer. He started his fight/surgery/chemo/radition just this past Monday. He figures on 6 months of real difficulty and struggle. I've told him about you and your family - your year long treatments and now your hard work to recover. It is inspiring and very helpful to others who are looking at some of the same to realize, it can be done, family and friends are a huge help, and that light is shining bright at the end.

Safe travel and Merry Christmas from the Suazos -