Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Addition to the Family

Good Morning,
Jesse had a very exciting long awaited day yesterday. She received her new puppy, Kenya. Kenya is a female Australian Shepherd. She is a Black Tri with blue eyes. Jesse has plans of getting Jericho and Kenya together in about a year. They should produce some pretty puppies with blue eyes. As soon as Clent and Jesse got home, Kenya bolted out of the truck and ran. Clent was in the house, so Jesse had to chase her. Jesse does not have the muscle or balance yet to take off running, but did her best to finally catch her a block away in a cul de sac. That was a huge emotional and adreneline rush, she just didn't need. All is fine with a little rest.
Jesse is doing well, she goes in tomorrow to check her blood. She seems to be getting a little high on potassium, so that will be watched closely. She had her echo and ekg last week. Her heart remains at the bottom of normal. She will have her first dental visit in a year on monday. During her 10 month hospital stay, she was not allowed to brush her teeth, just gently sponge them.
Have a great weekend,
Love Team Catron


Rachelle said...

So happy you got your puppy to start breeding! sounds like she is going to have you up and running...LOL

Take it easy girl

cherrybean said...

hi jesse i really like your dog she is really cute. we have a dog too his name is Marty he is really cute too. he is a mix of terrier and he is gray. what grade r u in?i am in 6th. see u soon (for christmas!)


Lisa said...

It has been awhile since we have written, but we check often to read up on how Jesse and the family is doing - this puppy is too cute! I'm sure she can do no wrong - ha! We have a neighbor who raises Australian Shephards and shows them - I think she has two or three right now - and she conducts classes right here in the park by our house. The dogs are amazing to watch - this is a very smart breed!

We loved the fashion show - how exciting that must have been. Jesse, you just might have to keep the short hair style - it is amazing on you.

We'll hope for continued "shows improvement" grades from your check ups. Our prayers have never stopped and many of our friends continue to check in and ask about you all - it's a long climb back to health, but you are doing it!

Much love from the Suazos -