Friday, November 20, 2009

High School Graduate

Congrats to Jesse, she has graduated High School!!! Her GPA is 3.7 and with everything that has happen the past year, she still has graduated early. We are so proud of her.
Her appt on Wednesday was fine. They where worried about high potassium, but it is at a normal level. She continues to have to take magnesium and potassium, as her kidney's are "stupid" per Dr. Boklan. Her platelets are really low, and have dropped since last week, they are just at 42. She bruises really easy, and it may be the HHV6virus that keeps hanging in there. She is still not being medicated for that, they Dr's are just hoping her body will start to fight it as her ANC rises.
Have a Blessed weekend,
Love Team Catron


Charlene G. said...

Congratulations and good job to you......You did it, and you managed to even with everything you went thru within this past year.....You're a true fighter and trooper, keep up the good work.....Good job on the great GPA, that's awesome.....What a great accomplishment and you should be so proud of yourself.....May the Lord continue to bless you and lots of luck to you and your future endeavors.....

Grandma and Grandpa Catron said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Jesse Dee, we are so thrilled and proud for you, and so very proud of you, words just cannot express it. My heart is pounding with joy for you, and tears are threatening to fall. You have gone through a year of terrible pain and illness; but what a testimony for Jesus! He proved His WORD is true and faithful. He promises to never leave us nor forsake us, and He didn't: He was there all of the good and bad times. His Word says He will never allow more to come than what we can bear, but will make a way of escape until we can bear it; and He did--you are still alive and your mind is great!(3.7 is awesome.) As we look back, we can only bow down and worship in humble adoration and give praise to our wonderful Lord God Jesus Christ! And we are so proud of you for standing true and faithful and continuing to fight, instead of giving up! That is pretty hard to do sometimes, when the fight and pain are fierce. We love you and all the family beyond comprehension, and we are continuing to pray and praise for complete healing.
Grandma and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jesse!!!!!!!! You rock!!!! Congrats on graduating early!!! We're so proud of you! Kenya is TOO CUTE!!!

Cory, Melissa, & Laynie

Darla said...