Friday, October 16, 2009

The Broviac is out!

Good morning to all of Jesse's followers,

Dee and I took Jesse in today to get her Broviac taken out. Amazing how many memories that Hospital brings back as you are sitting in the waiting room waiting for the Doctor to come out and tell you everything is OK. For a surgery that was to take only a short time the amount of time we sat and waited seemed like hours (half hour really). But the longer the time went by the more all the possible problems seem more likely to happen. They had to give her two bags of Platelets to ensure her blood would clot from the incision. So what if her blood was having a hard time clotting. And her heart is still not good. She is at the bottom of normal (whatever that is). We just had to hold hands and trust the Lord that he had her covered. I am sorry to say (and partly ashamed) that is not always as easy as it should be when it's your baby in on the table. She came out all right though. When she was waking up from the Anaesthesia she had an anxiety attack and was breathing really hard and crying. I had never seen her like that before after going under so many times. I don't know if Dee's and my voice, trying to calm her down, made it better or worse but the nurse gave her something to calm her down that put her back to sleep for a little while.

A year ago tomorrow we were admitting her. Our hearts were broken (and in our throats) getting the news. I still remember that Dee and I drove home to try to get a quick nap after being up with Jesse for over a day when we admitted her and walked in the house and sat on the couch crying for an hour then went back to the hospital because we couldn't stand being away. Dee and I have always been very close with the girls. This experience has drawn us all so much closer. The caring from Dakota, Lindsay, and McKenzie for their sister is stuff you don't always see. It's the kind of love they make "chick flicks" out of. And they are my girls. How very proud I am of all my girls. How thankful I am to Dee for the way she has raised our babies.

Tomorrow we have decided to get Jesse a ring, with a diamond in the middle, that for the next five years she can add a "small" diamond on the sides to celebrate each October 17th because she is still healthy and to remind her that we love her very much.

I want to personally thank everyone that checks in on Jesse and our Family. It is amazing what technology has done for being able to talk to so many people and the love and affection it has brought back to my family. Thank you all so much.

Have a great day and God bless you all


chelsea galindo said...

WOOOOHOOOO:D That is such great news! I pray that God continues to keep his hand on your family<3
You guys are great:)

God Bless,

Mark said...

We always look at dates in our lives that mark certain events like birthdays, anniversaries, vactions, and yes even deaths. You all got to experience the full circle with some of the worst news anyone could ever get on Oct 17, 2008, and then almost one year to the day you get to celebrate the removal of the broviac. These are dates none of you will ever forget. This experience you went through should be a reminder to all of us that each day is a gift and that we must make the best use of each moment we are given. I wish we all lived closer together so we could laugh more, and so I could share my version of some of the fun times we had Clent as we were trying to figure out who we were in our youth and beyond. I hope you still are planning on your trip to Oregon for Christmas and that we can all get together at least for a short while for a visit, a laugh, and some hugs.

Stay strong Catron's and I hope there are lot's of happy days ahead for all of you. Enjoy the freedom from your broviac friend Jesse. I'm sure you'll sleep well tonite.

Love from The Rieger's

Erica said...

Horray!!! I remember that day so clearly. To see her healthy a year later is a true testimony of our AMAZING God! Praying for continued healing and rejoicing with you. We miss you all. (((HUGS)))

Rachelle said...

Crazy to look back on this year. Jesse I am so happy for you and glad to see that are even more beautiful from this. I am blessed to have gotten to know your family through this and the retreat. I wanna see your ring girlie...see you thursday!

Lisa said...

Such wonderful wonderful news and we thank you for sharing with us - we pray for Jesse and your family each day, so thank you for letting us know these great new developments! What a relief to be rid of the broviac! Jesse - you just shine in this picture!

We will pray hard for your loving heart to grow stronger - each day will bring you closer to full health. Your journey has taught us all so much and has reminded us of what is truly important in this life.

Best to all the Catrons,
prayers each day - the Suazos

AP Sharon Lynch and Family said...

Team Catron,

I loved your heartfelt entry and am so elated for your daughter and your family. It is a wonderful idea to celebrate that day and mark it as a special day. We wish you the best!

Anonymous said...

"I will always sing about the Lord's love; I will tell of His loyalty from now on. I will say, 'Your love continues forever; Your loyalty goes on and on like the sky'." Psalms 89:1,2

Congratulations on the broviac removal, Jesse! I know it must be a wonderful relief to have it out.

I want you all to know how very, very proud we are of all of you, and I just don't have all of the right words to describe it! Guess you will have to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your imaginations to find the words for me.

We continue to praise the Lord for what He has done, what He is doing, and what He is going to do as days go by. Our prayers warriors here, and we, are believing and claiming complete health and healing and blessings, body, mind and soul for each of you.

We love each of you more than life itsself.

Grandma and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Jesse we're so happy to see how far you've come in the past year! We're very glad that a year later there's so much to celebrate and be thankful for. We love you VERY much!!!!!!!!!! Cute do by the way!!!!!

Laynie,Melissa,& Cory

Anonymous said...

Clent and Deanna,

What a testament it is the love that you have for the Lord and how you have shared that with each of the girls. You two have a faith and a way of sharing and loving your children just like the Lord asked us one another, to teach our children and to love Him first. What an answered prayer and PRAISE the LORD for His will and works in Jesse's life. Continually sending you love from Oregon.

Much Love, Prayers and Blessings to you all.


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