Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dropping ANC

Today is Jesse's weekly outpatient visit. At first, Dr. Boklan was excited with Jesse's progress with drinking and not needing all the extra meds. After the blood work came back, she was not so excited. Jesse's ANC has dropped to 595. This she thinks is because of the med they are using to fight the HHV6 virus. Her platelets are also down to just 10. This next week they are stopping the HHV6 med completely. Their hope is that she will start making bone marrow again, and be able to fight the virus on her own. Tomorrow we will come back in for blood and platelets.
Hawaii for October is not going to happen, there are just to many unknowns with Jesse's chemistry.
On a good note, Jesse is off the night hydration bag for this week. They are letting her hydrate herself by drinking over 100 oz of liquid everyday. They are also changing the last IV med to pill form. So, for now this is the first time since OCT 17th, that Jesse will not have to be hooked up at anytime during the day for meds.
Jesse's weight continues to be a problem. She really tried this last week to eat, she was getting about 1700 calories a day. This is not enough, she lost another 2 lbs, she is down to 121lbs. We are going to try some weight gain drinks twice a day along with the normal food she is eating.
Jesse has come such a long way, I hate to see her going backwards at this point. Even though her counts are low, she is feeling great and enjoying being home.
Much Love, Team Catron


Erica said...

Praying for some weight gain and healing. My heart aches that you won't be able to vacation together. HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGS!!

Lisa said...

I sure hope the Hawaii trip is only postponed . . . I know you all were looking forward to it. Seems like a mixed bag of news - some so good, some not so good. I think everyone has learned how hard the chemo treatments are on a body and what a fight it is to get it all back and working again. Can't imagine having a hard time gaining weight - never in my case! I recommend milk shakes - sure does it for me. I think I just gained a pound typing "milk shake"!

Our prayers continue daily - we thank you for the update as we think of you all each day -

much love from the Suazo house!

praisinyahweh said...

Praying for you all ... sorry about Hawaii ... but will pray that means that means that you and your sweet mom can come to retreat.... there are parts in the skit ... if you are interested.

Toni said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling good Jesse. Just being home does wonders. Keeping you in our thoughts & prayers to get everything else back on track. Better to postpone the trip to Hawaii till you are completely well so you can all relax and enjoy. It will happen! Have a nice holiday weekend. We are off to Lava Lake camping.

The Rieger Family

alrady40 said...

Praying for you girl! Can't wait to see you soon an dhope it is getting better!
I set up a new blog with articles because I am applying to write for Not great stuff covering celeb news but hey it might make some moolah.
Maybe you and Meg can go for some milkshakes or ice cream or something when you are up to it! Let us know.

Lisa said...

A quick hello from the Suazos - thinking of you all and sending prayers to Jesse for a good report from her weekly check-up!

Take care and know that this household sends love and support each day -

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