Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day of Blessing

Good Morning, As most of you know, we have been waiting for this day to have Jesse's blood drawn and check her white blood cells. We get this done every week, but the last 4 weeks, her counts have been very low, which means her bone marrow is not being made. We waited patiently for the blood count to come back, and Dr Boklan was nothing but smiles as she delivered the news. Jesse's White blood cell count is up from 1.0 to 1.7. This is not in the normal range of 4.0 - 12.0, but it is an upward trend. Her red blood cell count held at 12.0 which means no blood transfusion. This is the first time we have gone in, and she did not need blood. She has been scheduled to have the broviac removed early October, as long as next Wednesday everything still looks good. Jesse is so excited, she was grinning ear to ear.

We do have an appointment tomorrow morning with the cardiologist. She will have an echo and EKG to check the strength of her heart. We are praying for equally great news.

Thank you everyone for your prayers for Jesse and our family through this difficult year. We are so thankful for the peace that passes understanding. It has been such a blessing to feel calmness even though we have faced such devastating news week after week for almost an entire year. We have refreshed hope and a shiny new tomorrow.

Much Love,

Team Catron


Lisa said...

We woke this morning literally thinking of Jesse and hoping for good news! This is wonderful beyond words! We are thankful you share the great report of today, and we'll just keep the prayers going for an equally or better report tomorrow.

You are a very special family, and we understand how you do need peace and calm and news like this brings that. Our children mean everything to us.

Much love from the Suazo house

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!!!!! We're so happy to see the upward trend in your numbers Jesse!!!!!!!!!!!! What great news!!!! Laynie says HI JESSE!!!!!!!!! We're also grinning from ear to ear for you!!!!

We love you all!!
Cory, Melissa, & Laynie

The Shea's said...

So happy for your guys! Keep running the race Catron Family!

Toni said...

AWESOME NEWS! Next week will be even better I'm sure! So happy for all of you to almost have this behind you.

Love from Oregon,
Mark, Toni, Trevor & Austin

elliotts said...

!!!woo hoo!!! heres hoping every new day is better than the last...keep rockin it.

P-town sends its love - margaret, charlie, brian, auntie amy

Erica said...

HORRAY!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!! So happy to hear some GOOD news!! Praying the appt today goes well too!

Anonymous said...

Our God is an awesome GOD, He REIGNS!!!!!--And He cares about each of us!

We are rejoicing in all He has done, and praising Him for what He is going to do! We are awaiting more good news.
Our continuous prayers and praise and love,
Grandma and Grandpa
How we treat others is how we trat God

Anonymous said...

Jesse it's great to hear good news for you. I am praising the Lord with you. I saw you at church today and you looked absolutely gorgeous. You have walked and walked during this trial but I know you didn't lose heart or give up on God. That is something to say. You are a walking miracle that Jesus loves - and you are a testimony to other of the love, strength, and hope in Christ. Go Jesse! Praying for more good news from here on out!

darla said...

Waiting to see what happens and praying.. we have been swamped. we walked from our two year partnership project long story. I'm writing on examiner now (celeb news) buzy. LOVE ya and hope all continues the improvement.

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