Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dakota's dream

This is an update for Dakota. She applied at Starbucks over 4 months ago. She was very persistent going in everyday, and letting them know she really wanted to work there. With all the cut backs, hiring was at a minimum. About a month ago, she started college full time and stopped pursuing Starbucks. On Friday, they called and hired her to begin on Monday. She is so excited to be a "partner" at her favorite coffee house. I am sure we will be stopping in regularly to place an order and harass her best we can.
Jesse is doing great, after 11 months, she finally has an appetite. She is eating full meals and snacks along with 80-100 oz of liquid a day. We will be going in for her appointment on Wednesday. If her white blood cells are on the rise, she will be scheduled to finally have the broviac taken out of her chest. If she shows no improvement, she is scheduled to have a bone marrow sample taken to check and be sure the Leukemia has not returned. We will be updating the blog Wednesday afternoon with that information.
Have a blessed week, Team Catron


praisinyahweh said...

As always I am holding you all in my heart and lifting you to our Father's feet. May healing come soon and complete dear ones.


Toni said...

Congrats Dakota! And Jesse, keep up the great progress. Hoping for good number on Wednesday.

Love from beautiful sunny Central Oregon!
The Rieger Family

Missionary Hicks said...

I know this is Jesse's blog, but YAY for Dakota! Tell everyone that I say hi! I am so glad you finally are a partner! Yay, yay, yay!!!
And super yay for Jesse and getting her appetite back. I will pray about your blood count.

Anonymous said...

Praise the LORD!! Over and over, He proves Himself faithful and kind. We are so thrilled and excited about the good news for Dakota and Jesse and the whole family!

Love and prayers continually,
Grandma and Grandpa

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