Friday, August 7, 2009

Out Patient Today

Hello Everyone,

Today was Jesse's outpatient appt. She received her weekly IVIG med, and nothing else (that's a first). We met with Dr. Boklan and went over her blood reports. All her electrolytes look good, and she held on to her blood and made a few platelets. We will have to schedule and appt with the cardiac specialist, as her last echo shows her heart function has decreased (not good). They may have to change her heart med, as she is already at the max dose.

Dr. Boklan also told Jesse that if she would drink 4 bottles of liquid a day, she will be close to getting her broviac taken out. Getting Jesse to drink that much will not be so easy. You can lead the child to water, but you cant make her drink :)

Wednesday we will be going to the Diamond Back baseball game. Thank to PCH for some great seats!!

Have a great weekend,

Team Catron


Toni said...

Bottoms up Jesse! Buy lots of your favorite Gatorade or Powerade. Hope you get the heart meds figured out soon. I bet it's been nice to be home with your cute dog. I love that picture! Did your Dad ever get you the new one you wanted??? Have fun at the game!

Love from Oregon,
The Rieger Family

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

My name is Soleil. I am in McKenzie's class. She is my new best friend. She told our class about you & I am deeply sorry that you are sick. I will say prayers for you & hope that you begin to feel better.

XOXO Soleil

Lisa said...

So glad Jesse is home, but will do all kinds of prayers for her lovely heart to strengthen!

I had an amazing experience during my annual girls' trip - just got back yesterday. Signs are everywhere if you choose to recognize them - and I was very blessed during this trip. I'm very new to this spiritual journey, lots to learn, but clearly there is a power around us that can't be ignored. This makes me feel comforted for you, Jesse, as I know it carries your family through all this.

Much love and prayers from the Suazos