Friday, August 21, 2009

Eating Again

Pic of Jesse looking at artwork two little girls made for her

Jesse is off to a good start again. Her cough is much less, and she is feeling much better. Her blood counts are going back up as the cold leaves her body.

We did get awesome news yesterday. The results of the bone marrow test show still NO LEUKEMIA !!! What great news. We just need to keep working on the damaged organs in her body from the chemo. We just pray that she will have complete healing. Jesse often says that she cant remember what it feels like to be normal.It has been so long since she just had a normal day without an IV pole, or a cup full of meds. One day Soon.

Much Love,
Team Catron


Lisa said...

Tito and I were just shutting down the computer and decided to do a quick check on Jesse's site - so glad we did! Great news! Baby steps toward healing and "being normal" again! We are so glad for you, Jesse, that you are feeling better. Glad that awful cough is going away! We'll keep up the prayers, you keep up the good work of getting better!

Prayer each day!
The Suazos

Anonymous said...

Praise God!
What a blessing to hear those precious words,"no luekemia". Step by step Jesse will get strong again.
Rejoicing with you,
The Turner Family

Anonymous said...

PRAISE THE LORD, PRAISE THE LORD, PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!! "It is good to praise you, Lord, and to sing praises to God Most High. It is good to tell of your love in the morning and of your loyalty at night. It is good to praise you with the ten-stringed lyre and with the soft-sounding harp. Lord, you have made me happy by what you have done; I will sing for joy about what your hands have done. Lord, you have done such GREAT things! How deep are your thoughts! Psalms 92:1-6 (Everyday Bible)

We are so thankful and thrilled for you, Jesse, and all the family!

We are getting close to counting hours and minutes.--Sometime Tuesday, we will be there, God willing. I am just going to call the Airline to check on time.

Everyone hear says to remind you that they are praying for you all, and will continue to do so.

All of our love and prayers,
Grandma and Grandpa

Toni said...

Fabulous news Jesse! Keep on healing, one day "being normal" will be an every day thing. You are always in our thoughts and prayers, as is your whole family.

The Rieger Gang in Oregon

Anonymous said...

OH!!!! YAY!!!! I am so happy to hear that you do not have anymore cancer! You are almost done!!!! Thank you Jesse. You have touched so many peoples lives. Now you will continue to, but healthy! Oh Jesse, I am so happy for you and your family! Happy day! :] thank you for letting everyone know your story. Continue to share it and let people Just see the Lord shine thru you! :] OH YAY!!! <3 your sister in Christ ~ Angie

Anonymous said...

YAY! YAY ! YAY!!!! What great news no luekemia!!! We're so happy to hear such great news. We hope for speedy organ recovery and we're still behind you all the way!!

Love & Hugs
Cory, Melissa, & Laynie

Anonymous said...

Jesse, this is the best news that Ive heard in a long time!!! You have fought so hard and with so much grace! you are a big inspiration and a testamant to the mighty power of faith in Jesus Christ! Jesus shines sooo brightly from your sweet face! I was amazed at how wonderful you are looking and you were even serving coffee on sunday... wow! God has major plans for you and I am blessed to get to watch what he has for you next. Keep eating and keep your joy in the Lord and he will continue to lift you up! :)
Much love, the ashlocks

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