Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Still in ICU

...This is a picture of Jesse's eyes she took with a program on the computer yesterday.
Good Morning, Thank you all for your continued prayers for Jesse. The outpouring of love has been tremendous.
They will be moving her to the second floor later this afternoon to complete her recovery. She is still feeling nauseous and they are giving her Demeral for the pain.
The surgery: The surgeon said that is went really well. They decided to have two surgeons present, instead of one resident because of the possible complications. Her platelets where so low, that they infused her non-stop to avoid internal bleeding. They monitored that all night. When they did get in to take out the gallbladder, they saw that her liver was dark in color and swollen, along with a swollen spleen. We know that her liver is damaged from all the chemo and drugs she is continuously on, but we do not know if it will heal on its own or if this is a problem for the future.
She is in a lot of pain at the sight of the incisions. They made three cuts across her stomach, and one more at the bellybutton. She has not been able to get up, or really move at all. We are becoming experts at the bedpan :) She started her morning throwing up the bile that was left in her stomach, which of course was painful on her stomach.
We should have an answer tomorrow regarding the insurance, as it must be processed by the end of July per the admission department.
Good News!!! Her HHV6 copies are down from 50,000 to 8,400. This is great news, considering she has been on the new med for just a few days. This can also be taken by mouth, so that will be easy at home. The down side is, the drug she is on can damage her liver and kidneys more than the foscarnet she was on before. We just pray that her immune system will kick in and take care of it on its own.
Have a great day :)
Love Team Catron


Lisa said...

The picture is amazing . . . I guess Jesse is to be challenged at each step . . . we keep our prayers going and I've emailed friends who are doing the same. We all so want her to sit up and feel better, to go home and be stronger! That day will come!

Love and prayers, the Suazos

Toni said...

Sending lots of love and prayers your way Jesse. It is amazing what the human body can do to recover! Hoping everything kicks in and you are on your way to recovery and going HOME!

Love from Oregon,
The Rieger Family

Erica said...

Awesome picture!!! Praying for healing of the wound and the liver. Sending our love to all of you!!

Darla said...

OH GOOD the post was there just lower on my page than normal.

LOVE the eyes!!!! HEY Jesse you and meg can compare war wounds! My sister had the old method where they stapled the stitches a long line down the side of body.

DEE have you heard of Milk Thistle? Not sure how much good it does but a pharmasist turned me onto it for liver repair. My Dr. confirmed it but dr's have differing opinions. It is a herb but if your doc okays it - get a good one not the grocery store kind.

Jess. I would love to find out about that program you are using. It would make and awesome avatar.

Call meg when you all can have visitors again! we will be waiting for the ok! okay?

Love you and saying a prayer right now... ! ! !

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