Saturday, July 11, 2009

Feelin' good

Good Morning,
Jesse is feeling pretty good. She got up, put on her makeup, and she walked downstairs. We also brought the wheelchair in case she got tired. We went outside (above pic) saw the sites around the hospital. What an improvement from yesterday. We wanted to stop in and see our little friend Michael, but he is on possible chicken pox quarantine, so we where not able to. No news on the bone marrow, it takes about a week. I cannot imagine being stuck in here just because of insurance. It could realistically take up to 3 weeks. We will have to figure out a way to either get her meds, or get her off the meds.
Have a great weekend,
Team Catron


Anonymous said...

"But David encouraged himself in the Lord" 1Samuel 30:6 b (We have to do that sometimes.) Read 1Chronicles 29:11-13

Praise the Lord! So glad you are doing better, Jesse Girl! We are so thankful, and praising the Lord.

I have to hurry and get out to Aunt Juanita's to help her get Jerry to bed, so will talk later.

Our love and prayers and praise,

Grandma and Grandpa

Chelsea said...

Jesse:) I'm glad that you are doing better! That is such great news! I hope that you only continue to get even better:)


ALRADY said...

HEY have good night tonite and Miss ya! Hugs to you. I'm hoping tomorrow is better for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Jess,
I'm glad to hear that you're up and about and feeling better! I really wanted to come and visit with you today but my day was a little hectic. I'm off to Maui in the morning and just wanted to wish you well and I hope you get out of there soon. I'll take notes for ya on all the "hot spots" to visit and where all the best deals in Maui are. Keep getting stronger!


Anonymous said...

i will pray for u jesse!! dont worry.lub ya

Anonymous said...

Jesse, you look so good outside on the slide! Im glad you are able to make the most of your stay at the hospital. Insurance can be sooo frustrating some times and make no sense! Its a good thing God is in control and not them!!! Remeber that he has it all in control and its already planned out... just keep trusting! Remeber that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and that certainly includes his beautiful Jesse Dee!!! Dakota I also wanted to say to you that you are an amazing sister and I am sooo proud of you and the strength God has given you! Wow, both of you amazing girls blow me away!!!
Much love, Korinne Ashlock

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