Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bone Marrow Biopsy Today

Good Morning,

Jesse will be going down for a bone marrow biopsy today at 12:00. This will tell us if the 5 rounds of chemo have worked and she is still in remission. Jesse has not really eaten much in the last 3 days, so she will be starting up again on TPN for 65% of her daily nutrition needs. Hopefully she will feel better and start eating again. Her billirubin is near normal again, and all her other liver function look normal again. Jesse will be getting her gall bladder removed in 2-4 weeks. She has sludge from all the chemo and gall stones that will continue to give her problems. Many times the gall bladder causes nausea when it needs to be removed, we are hoping this is the case with Jesse. I am sure she is ready to be free of nausea and eat, eat, eat. For now we are still stuck here while Blue cross processes the last hospital stay billing and would release any funds we might have left to get home meds. If all the funds are used up, then we will have to wait for Access to take over the medical bills, then she would be able to go home.

Much Love, Team Catron


Toni said...

All our thoughts and prayers for good biopsy results! Also hoping you can get back to normal fun eating and especially getting to go back home again for good!

Thinking of all of you!
Mark, Toni, Trevor & Austin

Lisa said...

Good morning Jesse and Catron family - I'm doing a continuous prayer in my head today that your bone marrow biopsy results come back clean and wonderful . . . and I've emailed a good friend in Tucson who is spreading the word there. His family is very strong with their faith, and I think adding their group to our prayer chain is a very good thing!

much love from the Suazos!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Why do I believe things so easily? I read where the Journals were going to be updated on Fridays, so never thought to check during the week.---How stupid! Of course, if something came up during the week, the Catron Team would let us know.---We are just catching up on the news.

I am so sorry, Jesse and Family, that I hadn't been checking every day. I have had a hard time getting to the computer, but that isn't a very good reason. I really didn't think anything would be there.--Dumb!

We have been praying very earnestly, though, for Jesse's health, the insurance, all the other needs, and the whole family. And God is still saying that His WORD is faithful and true, and He does what He says He will do. He does not change.

Our love and prayers,

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