Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ANC 3600

Good Morning,

Yesterday we were admitted back to the hospital. Jesse is very jaundice, and they need to find out why. They originally thought she would have a blockage in her gallbladder, but that is not the case. Her billirubin count was very high, and the extra shows yellow in her eyes and skin. Today her count is a little lower, but still much higher than normal. She has already had a CT scan, EKG, Echo and Ultra sound. Results should be coming in shortly. We know that we will be stuck here until Access Insurance approves our application for coverage. (about 2 weeks) There is no other way to get Jesse's daily medications at home without insurance coverage.

Today is also mine and Clents 19th anniversary. I must say it has been an exciting 19 years. We have been able to live in many different places (some not so special) and have had the pleasure of working together in a couple different stores we opened. We have raised 4 beautiful girls. We are very proud of who they have become and know that they will continue to bless us though out their lives.

Much Love,

Team Catron


Oliphint said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great accomplishment! Great family you two have raised!

Praying for you Jesse! You are doing so awesome! :)

Erica said...

Oh sweet Catron family. Our hearts are with you, we are praying for a quick insurance approval and that the Drs will be able to find out quickly what is going on in Jesses body. We love you all and miss you.

Happy Anniversary Clent and Deanna!!!

Lisa said...

Love the picture! When did you guys meet Tito's family?

Jesse, this hospital stay will be shorter and easier than the others . . . praying it is just a slight bump in your recovery road. We continue to pray each day and send our love -

The Suazo House

Toni said...

Happy Anniversary, we remember your wedding well! Then you were at ours on the 28th ~ 19 years wow how fast it goes!

Hope the insurance comes through fast and Jesse gets to feeling better soon.

The Rieger Family

Anonymous said...

Happy 19th Anniversary! You are a beautiful couple and everyone that knows you stands in awe of your marriage and what a family should be like. Thanks for setting such a good example that we all can learn from. This is pleasing to the Lord and you will have treasures in heaven. I am very sorry to hear Jesse had to go back to the hospital. I can't imagine your weariness of this whole ordeal. I can only tell you to please continue to stand on the Truth and believe in the Love of God even though you don't understand why it is being allowed. No one can give an explanation or make sense of it, but one thing remains true and God is holy, righteous and just and perfect and there is no darkness in Him at all. He is love. You may feel like "where is He", but He is there. I am sorry that you have to watch your daughter go thru such great pain, depression and weariness, but God loves you all and He will bring you through. Don't throw in the towel. The devil wants you to curse God like Job's wife was tempted to do. We all our praying that your faith would not fail. We love you guys and standing fast in prayer. Jesse you are an amazing young woman and we can't begin to understand the trial you have been thru but I know our God and He will bring you thru because He does love you. When you are weak He is strong. May the Lord sustain you and keep you in His peace. Love, Ray and Renee Alvarez (PSALM 73:26 "My flesh and my heart fails, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."

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