Monday, June 8, 2009


Good Morning,
We received the daily report, No anc or neutraphils. What a lesson in patience we are receiving. Jesse has been 21 days without Anc. This has caused a few more mouth sores, and throat. The side of her face is swollen. If we were in the ring, I am sure she would throw in the white towel. We have to tell her daily, not to give up, the end is soooo close.
Dakota will be staying tonight, and Matt will be stopping by later. Hope they bring many smiles to Jesse's beautiful face.
Much Love, Team Catron


Lisa said...

Jesse - Tito and I so wish we had something we could say or do that would help . . . this is such a tough time - to be at the finish line but unable to cross - not quite yet. What we can do, and are doing, is praying each day for you. We know you are going to begin that ANC climb and you will be going home soon . . . stay strong and when you can't, then lean on those wonderful people around you.

Our love and prayers each day,
The Suazos

Grandma and Grandpa said...

"As water reflects your face, so your mind shows what kind of a person you are." Proverbs 27:10 Every Day Bible
Your mind and soul show that you are very beautiful, Jesse, more on the inside than on the outside.

The apostle Paul prayed that God would remove the painful thorn in his side, and God's answer was "My grace is sufficient for you." Paul never complained about it again. "Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto you are also called, and have professed a good profession before many witnesses." 1 Timothy 6:12

Don't give up, Jesse Girl, it is always darkest before dawn. And when we feel like we can't endure any more, or go a step farther, God gives us strength for one more step, and we reach the top of the mountain. He has brought you this far, He will not leave you; He has promised, and He cannot lie.

Victory is yours, if you choose to claim it. Remember, we are free to make choices, but are never free from the choices we make. So stand firm in Jesus'love and faithfulness, and keep your faith and your eyes on Him.---And thing only positive thoughts. Don't allow negative thoughts to stay in your mind!

I called Aunt Merna last night, and talked to Woody. He had taken Auntie to the hospital Tuesday night. They found she has a heart disease, was extremely dehydrated, confused, and a few more things wrong. They inserted a pace-maker, poked a bunch of holes in her, inserted tubes and took tests, and so on and so on. I am sure you can relate to a lot of it. One night, she thought she heard her dog, so got out of bed to find her, fell and now has a big gash over one eye, and it is very black. She said tonight that she can see out of it some, and it is doing better. They are moving her out of ICU tonight, to a room 'upstairs'. She wasn't too sick or confused to ask, "How is Jesse? Have you heard if she is doing any better? I am really praying for her."

We love you all abundantly, and are praying and praising for you!

Anonymous said...

A Sunday School teacher asked, "Johnny, do you think Noah did a lot of fishing when he was on the ark?"

"No," replied Johnny. "How could he, with just two worms?"

Anonymous said...


I just have to say that every time that I see a picture of you, my face lights up. I was showing the girls your pictures the other day, they read with me daily and we pray for you often. They said, "Man, she is so pretty!!!!" You are gorgeous. You have such a strong spirit and it radiates through your pictures. Remember that the Lord has victory, He has won the battles and although we dont understand sometimes the reason for the journeys....He walks with us....carries us when it is too much.

Remember to call on Him, call on Him, call on Him. Even in those times where you want to "throw in the towel" say a simple prayer...."in the name of Jesus, Satan flee" because it is he who wants you to give up....but the Lord wins all!

I was looking through some old pictures and have some that I would love to send you guys. There are a couple of you guys on quads in Oregon at your old friends house. They are priceless. If I am okay to send them to you, please let me know an address...or you can email me

Much Love and Many Blessings,


krazzymommy said...

Thinking of you all and praying for strength.

~Monica Lund

Garrit Speckhard said...

Jesse! I miss you! I'm going to come visit you again and i'm going to bring House!
Can't wait to see you!