Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One Day at a Time/ANC 0

Good Morning,
Yesterday morning, Jesse felt terrible, really nauseated. It subsided somewhat in the afternoon. I got her to eat a bite of yogurt, but she just did not feel like eating. So today is another day, and I hope she will try to eat. She had another platelet transfusion yesterday, and fever just in the morning. Jesse's feet are still giving her problems. They always feel like they are just waking up as if she sat on them and cut off the circulation. I am sure everyone has done this, and the pain and discomfort as your feet are "waking up" is not pleasant. Jesse has that feeling all the time in her feet. Jesse also has just one mouth sore, and one possibly in her throat. The side of her face is a little swollen, and her throat gets a stabbing pain. As soon as she starts getting an ANC, these quickly heal. We are still at 0 ANC, and no neutraphils in site :( Today is Dakota's turn, she is bringing Mckenzie with her so she can give Jesse a hug. We are hoping the rest of the Raffle tickets show up today, and the winner will be announced tomorrow morning. Good Luck
Love Team Catron


Lisa said...

OK - I had to look up "neutraphils" to know if not having them was good or bad - want to be sure I get my info right for the prayers that go on and up each day. So, prayers for neutraphils to show up, for that nausea to go away, and definitely for the feet to relax and stop being so uncomfortable. I can't say it enough - this website is quite an education, the type of which we all should have to be better people walking around and realizing what others face and conquer. Jesse, I forwarded a pretty neat email to your Mom to read to you because it so reminded me of you!

Love and prayers from the Suazos

Anonymous said...

hey jesse it was nice seeing you today and you playing a joke not to let go of me when i was huging you! haha your still lookin beautiful and your blue eyes are still shining. oh but did i tell you the world is so excited to see you walk out the hostpitl in you jeans,tangtop and flipflops. so when you walk out the world is saying (JESSE! you made it! woahoo!
so i bet everybody is going to be so amazed that you made it though this hard thing. and you are a very tough girl. well got to go bye! love little kenzie

Anonymous said...

Quite the cheer leader, McKenzie! I am proud of you!

Jesse Darling, you are getting there. I will write later. We buried our brother-in-law today, had a thunder, lightening and HARD rain this evening, that probably washed away the lettuce I planted last night, and I need to get Grandpa and I to bed. He hasn't been feeling well.

God is still in control,faithful and true; satan is still a liar.
I read the back of the BOOK, and we win!

Love to all of you with constant, continual prayer,

Grandma and Grandpa

Anonymous said...


I pray that the Lord continues to heal your body, with His perfect timing and love. I pray that your ANC count begins to rise. Is it time for another ANC dance. You are beautiful as ever and are amazing. Remember that the Lord is your portion. Never too little, never too much! Just right for you and your needs.

Many Blessings and Love,


Darla said...

Hey .. keep strong. We are praying that you will feel better. This is so close to the goal for you ! Hang in there.

Have you seen pics of the pups yet? That dorky Zowie had 12 of the little monsters. She looks so sad when they are all nursing. LOL Do you remember the sound of a bunch of little squirmy puppies nursing, while they fight each other for top spot?

How is the hunt for the Dobie coming? Do you have trainer picked out or are you going that route? Have you bee reading up on the breed? They are really cool dogs.

Meghan =] said...

Hey Jesse,

I can't wait till I get to stay the night with you sometime.
I'm sorry about the feet feelings, and the throat sores. I do pray that they go away fast and that everything starts to feel better soon.

Love and miss you.
I loved Kenzies post by the way, that was cute =P

Anyways, I'll talk to you soon.
Love Meghan.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Sweet Jesse, we will continue praying for you. You are a beautiful woman. May God take away the pain in your feet, throat, the swelling and the sores. May he restore your ANC and for the neutraphils to show up. May the nausea disappear.
Sweety, you have touched many a heart. Our family is and will continue to pray for healing. We love you and send big hugs. The Jackson Family.