Friday, June 5, 2009

On the Move AGAIN.......

....Picture of Malea, our granddaughter with her new hairdo

Good Morning, We found the reason for Jesse's fevers that she had days ago. She has a bacteria in her central line called VRE ( Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus) This is a bacteria that can normally live in our bodies, but because Jesse does not have an immune system to fight it, they are trying a different antibiotic to fight it. She most likely got this from someone or something in the hospital. Because this bacteria is very contagious, we need to be in a private room. We will miss our roommate Michael, he makes Jesse smile, and lightens up the room with his smiles and giggles. Jesse still does not feel good, she is throwing up a few times a day, and just feels miserable. At this rate, we may have to postpone Hawaii in October, Jesse just my not be recovered enough to have fun. Happy Friday Everyone, and Happy Birthday Stella (Clents Mom)
Love Team Catron


Lisa said...

I'm sorry - just one challenge after another, but still on the home stretch, right? Hawaii will wait if need be . . . I don't know what time frame it takes to bring an immune system back up and get it running again. We keep our prayers going daily for you all to stay strong. Words just don't quite cover what we feel in our hearts.

Love from the Suazo House!

ALRADY said...

YIKES ! will pray.. was hoping to get to see her (well and you guys too of course) soon! Keep us posted.

I hope you had a zillion entries int he raffle!

Have to run we have Women's Expo in Casa Grande this Saturday. Dave has booth for Casa Grande Internet.'

Love you - HUGS

Toni said...

We hope your weekend finds out feeling better! You deserve it! We are off to John Day in the morning for my niece, Jessica Armstrong's wedding. Looking forward to a happy event!

The Rieger Family
Mark, Toni, Trevor and Austin

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