Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Momma is in the House

Good Morning,
I arrived yesterday to find Jesse sitting on the couch waiting for me to come. I was going to get one more day at home to be sure the sickness was gone, but dakota came up sick. Jesse and I had a good time, got in a little exercise, which entails walking her pole around the room. She ate two bowls of chicken noodle soup and a glass of water. YEA!! I think we might move on to some yogurt this morning as soon as she opens those big blue eyes. Jesse received two blood transfusions and platelets yesterday. All the fluid caused her blood pressure to skyrocket, so she was given lasix to get rid of the extra fluid. After that she spiked a fever and had to start 4 different antibiotics to fight whatever infection she may have. The fever could also be a sign that she is making white blood cells (this would be the best scenario) They have taken blood cultures and will grow those for 3 days to see if anything pops up.
She so wants to get home, these last weeks just creep by, and she is just so tired of everything she goes through at the hospital. She is also realizing the long road to recovery once she gets home. I reminded her that in 4 months she will be sitting on the beach in Maui without her pole or medications. I hope that gives her some hope.
Have a great day, and we hope to do the raffle today or tomorrow.
Love, Team Catron


Anonymous said...

wow jesse just hereing that made me choke up and just talking to you to a few minutes ago. i just can"t wait to rap my arms gently arond you neck and seeing a smile and a great laugh.but at the bright side of everything you gone threw your coming home and were going to have awesome vacations all as a family again.but i beleive you"ll slide threw this like butter. well i bet i"ll see you soon i just don't now when but all i can say is soon. oh and im done with 3erd grade and i'll see you mabey at home this summer becuase i'm here till agust 5th. well love you bye oh mom i love you too!love kenzie

Toni said...

Keep thinking about sand, warm water and Maui Jesse! Hope you have a good evening, it always helps to have your momma with you no matter how old we are!

Mark, Toni, Trevor & Austin

Anonymous said...


You are such a trooper. Remember that the Lord is the lifter of our heads. I pray that the Lord continues to lavish His love on you as we know He will. Stay strong and remember to call on His name whenever you are feeling down or you just want to be done. This time will fly by and like "Mama knows best" you will be in Maui before you know it.

Much Love,


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