Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hello and Good Morning, Well the morning started off with Jesse feeling a bit nauseated which lead to throwing up two times in 45 minutes. She is really bummed that her ANC dropped to 7 today but if you know how it works it`s not much of a surprise just a downer, but tomorrow can be right back in the double digits!!!!!:)
Jesse is still feeling a bit off but seems relaxed watching Animal planet while dossing off a few`s cute cuz she wakes up looking at me with this look like, why are you looking at me. haha, well that's pretty much it she will be getting some blood today and just take it easy talk, sleep, watch a movie:)
Thank You all for your prayers and support

Have A Blessed DAY!- MATT


Toni said...

Happy Birthday Deanna! Enjoy your day.

Hope you feel better Jesse. You will be home soon! We are having lunch with your aunt & uncle Friday!

The Rieger Family in Oregon

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Mama! Wish I was there to celebrate with you!

I love you Jesse, can't wait to see you!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Dee! May your gift today be a lovely higher ANC number! You do your part, Jesse, and we'll do our part - prayers, prayers, prayers.

and we'll eat some cake too, in your honor - it's the least we can do - ha!
The Suazos

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