Saturday, June 13, 2009

ANC 146 !!!!!

Good morning everyone,
Jesse is getting closer to going home! 146 ANC on our way to 250.
She didn't sleep very well last night because she went to the bathroom several times. I came after work and rearranged the room for her so she could sleep on the couch instead of her bed. She says she sleeps better on the couch/bed. I don't see how. I think the couch is terrible but I never sleep much regardless of where I sleep (it's even less here). Every time the door opens and the beeps go off I am awake. Thank God Jesse has learned to sleep through all of that ....after 8 months. I can't wait for Jes to get home where she can sleep all day if she wants. Although she will be going to the out patient part of the Hospital every three or four days, for several months, this part of the ride (staying in the Hospital for a month or more at a time) is finally over. I am so looking forward to Jes getting back to being Jes. I will still be able to catch her, as I chase her around the kitchen island, (for a while) and when I do she always gives me a big hug while we laugh about how much she screams when I chase her. It's going to be great just to have all the girls in the house again (except Lindsay). I don't know when I am suppose to finally except that Lindsay is all grown up, married, has Malea, and lives in a different state when I am counting all my girls. I guess in my mind I still have four girls at home all laying on the couch talking or fighting for the bathroom. I don't know where time has gone. When I sit and talk with McKenzie I see how fast she is growing up (9 going on 15) and how fast time is slipping by. This last 8 months have been the longest 8 months of my life and yet when I think about Jesse coming home within a week is seems that eight months has passed quickly. That is a definite sign of getting old so if anyone can relate to me that must mean you are getting ol... (you know).
Please keep us all in prayer as this is not over yet. I would also like to ask for a special pray for my Aunt Merna who has had open heart surgery. She is a fighter but at her age these kind of things are hard to bounce back from. She is in Gods hands and knows him well so I know what ever happens she will be well taken care of.
Everyone, have a blessed day and take the time to realize (and be thankful for) how lucky and blessed you are ...regardless of your circumstances.
God Bless you all


chelsea galindo said...

so glad that you are going to be home soon jesse:)
im praying for you!
hope that you are able to get some rest and have a good rest of the day:)


Anonymous said...

hey jesse so glad to see your geting better (kind of).i'm just having a fantactic playdate with alyssa jills daughter. well i cant wait to see you again. oh, that will be funny seeing dad chase you around and around the island. that will be wonderfundul furshundul. well i'll have to go so alyssa can type to you. i love you.

love and smiles mckenzie

Anonymous said...

Hi jesse, it's alyssa jill's daughter.We met at a cafe'.Glad your getting a little better but still,im glad.Get well soon.

-Alyssa :)~

Lisa said...

We read Clent's posting out loud and cheered here in our house! A Tuesday home-going does seem to be very possible . . . we will pray and cross our fingers for that. I can't imagine how the Catron household must be feeling . . . nothing like having your children sleeping safely under your roof! I know the journey isn't over, more to do, more to recover, but I do believe the worst is behind Jesse. We send our very sincere love and prayers to you all,
The Suazos

God's Girl said...

Oh my goodness... we are so glad to hear that you will be going home soon Jesse! That is such a bright light at the end of a long tunnel. We will continue to pray for you as you transition from the hospital to home. Yay! : )

Hugs to you girl!
Todd and Julie

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