Saturday, June 27, 2009

ANC 1350

Good Morning,

What a long week we had. We needed to go to outpatient Mon-Wed-Friday this week, 6-8 hours each visit, so pretty much the entire day. Jesse needed Blood, platelets, IVIG, Phosphorus, potassium and a few other grocery items. Jesse's ANC is rising rapidly, she is at 1350 already. She is beginning to eat more, and is on the foscarnet for the HHV6 virus just once a day now. The not so great news: Jesse's heart is getting worse. She is now short of breath with just a few steps, and she has edema in her ankles and feet. Her Left ventricle squeeze has decreased another 21%. We will be going in Monday for another echo for her heart. They have gotten her high blood pressure under control, and maybe that will help her heart function?
Thank you for your continued Love, Prayers and Support

Have a blessed weekend,

Team Catron


Lisa said...

Tito and I just read this post together . . . and we will pray together that Jesse's sweet and loving heart heals and grows stronger. We believe this will happen but we understand it might be a slow process to recover from such a battle waged against the leukemia. Dear Jesse, you have been through more than most of us old folks, so you do continue to inspire us. We think of you each day and appreciate you are still willing to share news of your journey.

Our deepest prayers and love,
Tito and Lisa

Erica said...

Oh sweet girl!! So glad to hear your ANC is rising! Praying for healing of your heart, I know know know God has a big plan for you sweetie. Hang tough!! Love you bunches!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on making it through the battle of chemotherapy. I can only imagine the Lords face when He looks down on you and says with such a cheerful heart..."Thank you for being such a faithful child, praying to me, trusting me and allowing me to be God."

Your heart may be weak physically, but just remember to call on your Lord. He will heal you. Remember the faith of the woman who was subjected to bleeding for twelve years...she just simply needed to touch the hem of His garment. What an amazing story to be inspired by. Continue to stay strong Jess and we will continue to pray for you.

Much Love,


Anonymous said...

Darling Family, we are still interceding, and praising God for His faithfulness. Just heard the Crabb family sing, "He didn't promise the cross wouldn't get heavy", but He would always be with us and guide us through the tough times.

We love you beyond description!
Grandma and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Hi Catron's

Sorry to hear that your heart is having more troubles Jesse. Just keep doing what's in your power to do. We'll all keep praying for you and the entire family, for strength, courage, and faith. We're always with you in spirit and prayers. Keep your head up high and enjoy each day as much as you can.

Love from The Rieger's

Anonymous said...

(Brianna Leaton)
Sorry it has taken me forever! I got back last week from Mississippi and I had NO internet access, and hardly ANY cellphone reception! IT was horrible!!!!
Anyways, I'm glad to hear that your ANC is rising, and it was also hard watching that video of your hospital release without the tears stinging my eyes. =) I was thanking God the whole time.
Well keep up the healing process girl! Sounds like you are doing better, besides the achy side effects. =/ I hope those go away soon!

Well I love and miss you SO much! I need to pay a visit to you soon. =)