Sunday, May 17, 2009

We Made It!

Good Morning Prayer Warriors,
We admitted Jesse on October 17th. Here it is May 17 and we are doing the last Chemo treatments. She will stay in the Hospital for around two to three weeks getting her ANC back up to a minimum of 250 to go home. Seven months ago. Wow.

Jesse's ANC is 50 this morning. It's 9:15 and they are giving her the IV Chemo treatment. The muscle shot of Chemo is at 3pm and then we are done. It's hard to believe.

Jesse got sick, about a half hour ago, right after pushing the button for a push of Fentanyl (her pain med). This is before the Chemo started so we think the pain meds make her sick. We are going to try other means of relieving the headache she has back. Less throwing up is better.

Our room mate, Zoe, went home last night. We didn't sleep as well as we thought we would but it was a little quieter. Please continue to pray for Zoe and her family. They just finished round one so they have a journey in front of them.

This has taught us so much about faith, patience, giving, and relying on God and others. I for one am not very good at asking for, or accepting, help. The acts of others has really hit home to Dee and I on how we need to be better at all of those traits. With Gods help we will continue to grow to be more like Him.

Have a great day and rejoice with us as we cross the finish line.


The Suazos said...

The Suazos are all running around today, doing what we do on a typical weekend day . . . chores, errands, prayers for the Catrons . . . but at 3 p.m., all will stop, a moment of quiet, reflection, rejoicing! The final for Jesse! Tears can't help but flow at the wonder of this journey you all have been on, the strength you've all shown . . . the next even more beautiful moment will be when Jesse goes home - that will be amazing. Jesse - there are no words to express what we feel - we send our love!

Oliphint said...

I did good until I read the first comment. Tears.

I am rejoicing with you! Praising God. Giving thanks to Him. I too at 3:00pm will have a moment of quiet, to praise God, and thank Him for His answered prayers, and to pray for your family.

Thank you Catron family for sharing with us this journey you had to take, endure, and ride. It was amazing to see you cling and hold on to Jesus. Thank you for being so honest with us, so that we knew just what to pray for. I know that isn't easy being so vulnerable.

You guys are DONE! Whoo-Hoo!

Anonymous said...

Wow! The finish line! I remember getting the call from your mom in tears about the diagnosis from a simple blood test. Who would've known? And to think about what you and your entire family have been through these past few months -'life changing' does not even come close to describing the journey that you have been chosen for. Praises and Hallelujahs for always looking up and keeping your focus on Him. So thrilled for you and your family! Will miss reading the daily update - but then some things are better to do in person. See you soon -Love you guys always!
~The Ybanez Family~

Mark said...

Hi Catrons

We're so glad it's almost over for you Jesse. Time to heal and get those ANC numbers up, and get back home to the way things were before. I know that none of your lives will ever be the same after going through this journey together. Be thankful for each day together, be as patient as you can be with one another, and continue to live, love, and laugh as ofter as you can.

It's a beautiful day here in Central Oregon. Mid to upper 80's, crystal blue sky, fresh air, just wonderful. It would have been a great weekend to be at one of the lakes nearby or out in the woods playing around. But instead we've been getting the garden area ready to plant, playing with the kids and grandkids, and a litle bit of work mixed in as well.

Our love to you all.

Mark, Toni, Trevor & Austin

Astraea said...

You all are truly amazing. Praise God for this day. Now it's time for healing.

Anonymous said...

(Brianna Leaton)
Okay. I actually am going to thank you for helping my getting a couple questions right on my ASVAB practice test. It asked which gave the red blood cells their color, and I thought of some of the posts that was on your hemoglobin. It was correct! ha ha Most of the questions have something to do with the blood, and the heart.
This proves that through your trial, and have helped many people in ways you never thought that you could. Mentally, spiritually, and physically. Right now, I am sitting here thinking of a long 5 or so months ago when I found out you were SO sick. I would cry at night thinking that it was possible you wouldn't make it. I also knew you have a BIG God that makes it possible for you to make it. It was His will for you to go though this all. I am so thankful that I got to meet you, Jesse. I hope that we always stay in touch. =)
Congrats on getting better! I love you and your family SO much!
With love, <3 Brianna <3

Still Serving Jehova Rapha said...

You did it Jesse!!!! I am so proud of you. I want to personally thank you for letting me be apart of your unique journey. The Lord has blessed you with an amazing and strong heart. You never gave up through this all and that speaks volume about who you are. I can't imagine what you endured as well as your family. It has been a huge pleasure being apart of your life! I can't wait to actully meet you some day. The Lord Bless You greatly as you continue on. The youth group at CCEA is praying for you. I love you!!!!
Love Ariana

Rachelle said...

As soon as I saw this picture I cried. Your family is so strong and amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this trial with us. To God be the Glory and I am so glad your at the road to recovery.