Saturday, May 16, 2009

Two days left

Good Morning everyone,

It's been awhile since I spent a night in the Hospital with Jesse. We have a great time talking and hanging out. We don't watch movies like Dee and Jo. I guess we chat so much we don't get to it.

It is amazing to stand in front of the finish line, ready to cross it tomorrow afternoon, and look back at the starting line when we were told how long this marathon was going to be and what was expected with the treatment. Unless you experience the 107 degree fever with the shakes, throwing up and diarrhea (all at the same time) or the mouth sores and bruising on her body it's hard to relate to the journey the "Team Catron" has endured. We thank you all so much for all of your support. We couldn't have made it without the support members, all the way through the race, that helped with so many things. Our wonderful Church members that brought the family food and all the people that have been praying for us. To all of our family and friends that have been with us through this my......I can't find the words to say how much I appreciate all you have done. We love you all so much.

Jesse got her first dose of Chemo at 9pm and threw up at 12. She was coughing really hard is why though. This morning she feels fine and took a shower (she wants to smell good for Matt). I guess she didn't care how she smelled for me when we were curled up on the bed talking last night. Jess and I are going to do this post together so I am going to turn it over to her. Thanks again for everything. This will be my last post.

Hey its Jesse =) awesome news yes i am almost done!!!! and I'm Getting a Doberman!!!!!!! My dad says that I deserve one because of all the junk i went through. I'm way excited!
WAIT, this is mom, this has not been passed through the queen!!!


Chelsea Galindo said...

YAYY !!!
You are almost done:D how exciting!

What a journey, that I can't even imagine, you have been through!
I'm so glad that you are getting better and on the road to recovery.
God is good:)
Your family is still in my prayers!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Mor Mor and I are so pleased and happy you are on the final leg of your marathon. We have read every entry on the blog and are looking forward to the day you return home to stay.

We moved into our new house last week are are trying to fight the temptation to move all the furniture in because we have so much interior painting to do, including installing the interior doors and baseboard moldings and door trim. But the house is finally starting to look like one, and it's comfortable.

Because the yard is a muddy war zone, the dogs don't have a good spot to use, so I used the weed wacker and cut down some of the grass on the vacant lot adjacent to ours. I created "puppies reserve", their outdoor space, until we can get the landscaping in, which won't be for awhile yet. I think the dogs are starting to realize that this is their new home. Bjorn just wants to play with the ball. Dutchess wags her tail just as much as she used to. And Sachi continues to maintain that he is after all, still, the Emperor of the Fifth Han Dynasty, and as such, entitled to all the privileges that come with such a high position.

I have to go to Seaside today, to the other house, to finish painting the steel antique bed frame. I think Mor Mor wants to get that into the guest bedroom. Before long we'll be inviting guests, I guess. BUT NOT YET. It's too soon.

The weather here today is the best we've had all year. It is so gentle outside, and the air feels so good.

When you get home we will figure out a good time for us to come visit for awhile. We are looking forward to that day, and we send you and your family all our love.

Mor Mor and Grandpa

Anonymous said...


Jesse, you and the rest of the clan have been such an encouragement to everyone that reads and hears about whats going on with you and your trials. Thank you for sharing your struggles and your tests of faith with the rest of us. It is so hard when you have friends and family that are in another part that you cannot physically be there...but you have allowed us all to be able to pray for you. Not just a basic prayer of healing but the ins and outs of each day allow us to bring the specifics to the Lord's feet.

Blessings Jesse,

Congratulations on the finish line.



Anonymous said...

"O Lord my God, I cried unto you, and you have healed me.--- Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning." Psalms 30:2,5b -- "Bless the Lord, O my soul. O Lord my God, you are very great; you are clothed with honour and majesty." Psalms 104:1

Almost to the mountain top, Jesse! Your guardian angels are still surrounding you and holding you up so you don't slip or fall. Our Heavenly Father is so loving, kind and faithful. Jesus asked Him to send their Holy Spirit to over-see your journey through the valley and up the mountain, and He did. Thank you Father!
We must not get complacent and let down in our leaning on Jesus, praying and praising, thinking that now we can do things in our own strength. We can't.
'slewfoot' likes to try to slip in and deceive us into losing the victory and the battle.

Sounds like you and Dad had a good time. How hard did you twist his arm for the Dobie, or did you wait until he was almost asleep to talk him into it?:):):) (I like Doberman dogs. Aunt Merna has had them, and I took care of your Dad's and two large litters of pups.)

We are still praying for a shield between you and the pain, and asking for a quick and pain-free recovery time!

And we are so anxious to hear about your home-coming party! I just imagine McKenzie, and all of the family, can hardly wait to have you home to stay.-We would love to be there: and will be in spirit.

All of our love always,
Grandma and Grandpa Wayne

Charlene Gonzales said...

Praise the Lord! Congratulations on crossing the finish did it girl!!!!God is so good......And, I'm sure your family can't wait to have you home for good and I mean for good.....Keep the faith and keep your head up you're on your way to recovering......

Oliphint said...

YAHOO! JESSE! You are almost there....just a couple more steps! You did it Girl!