Monday, May 18, 2009


Click to see the Last dose of chemo (needle involved) What a relief to finally see the last bit of chemo going into Jesse. She took it like the strong young lady she is. We think back at all the procedures she has gone through multiple time: CT scans, Bronchoscopy, Xrays, Bone marrow samples, Spinal taps, Echo cardiograms, Ultrasounds, Countless blood and platelet transfusions, Broviac surgery. Not to mention complete hair loss, none stop nausea and vomiting, fever, loss of muscle, numb feet, heart damage, rashes, & hives. Jesse goes through more in one week than I think I have my entire lifetime. She does this with grace and strength. Through this she has become more independent and learned to trust that God is in control. We are so thankful for the peace that passes understanding through this entire journey. It has allowed us to take care of everything that is required of us without falling apart. Our family is united and can weather any storm that passes through.

Thank you all for reading about this difficult time and giving us words of encouragement, funny stories that make us laugh, and letting us know your trials as well.

Much Love,

Team Catron


Missionary Hicks said...

Yay!!! So exciting! I'll be praying that you feel well through this last bit. See ya soon!

sabina reyes said...

Dear Jesse, I have been following your blogg and praying for you everyday. It seems like Jesus picks very speciel people to have the "very hard" privelige of walking thru the storm of having cancer. Your faith and strength shine thru. Thanks for letting me share this time with you and your family. Keep on Glorifying the Lord by your amazing witness. I will keep praying for you till this is all just a faded memory. :) God Bless, Sabina

Lauren said...

Hi Jesse,

I haven't commented on your blog lately, but I've still been following and praying for you. You are DONE! Jesse you are DONE! I am so excited for you! Thank you for allowing all of us readers to share in your journey. We have been privileged to pray for you. I saw your picture below and Jesse you look BEAUTIFUL! I would've never known that you were battling cancer. You looked so pretty. You will have fun in Hawaii and this is now finally almost behind you. Your strength has been exceptional, wow.

Jesse God has carried you through... it's amazing. You've suffered so much but the Lord has carried and provided for you. Given you just enough grace. You go girl!

Toni said...

Yipee! What a relief to be done and on the road to health and normalcy for you & your family. You are a brave young lady Jesse, just reading again about all the stuff you had to endure makes me cringe. But, you did it!!!! I agree with Lauren "you go girl".

Hope you have a peaceful week.

Love from the Rieger Family,
Mark, Toni, Trevor and Austin (and a special "kiss" from our lab Abby)

ALRADY said...

This is so awesome that you have had the last drop of chemo! ! ! I pray your headaches will be very minimal and that the throwing up will cease!

I am praying for ou and know several others that you and I have never met in person that are praying too. God has many warriors interceding.

I'm trying to find a cool song for you. I can't find one to post but Mecry Me's Word of God Speak is on Blip.FM

Love ya girl and you stay strong!

praisinyahweh said...

Amen. I have no words .. only deep feelings of gratitude for the LORD's hand ever present in your journey and your deliverance to this point. They rang a bell as I walked out of the Chemo room for the last time. Watching your video brought all that emotion back. Congratulations fellow survivor!

Elissa Hill said...

Wee whoooo! Last Drop of Chemo! Bomb diggity! Hee Hee. Okay hope you can understand that LOL. And I just wanted you to know that I'm still praying for ya girly! In fact Ayva prays for you every night. It's so cute! She's a keeper, gotta love her. :)

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