Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just Hanging out

............... Girls Boogie Boarding in Hawaii last year......

Praise, Jesse is still doing great. We had a couple throw up episodes, but we think it was do to stress of the upcoming round. Round 5 involves a couple inter muscular shots in her legs that she is not looking forward to. They stretch the IV chemo and shots throughout 9 days.

We are praying that a private room becomes available for jesse for this last round. It really makes a difference for all of us to have a little more space and a private bathroom for Jesse.

Thank you for your continued Love, Prayers and Support.

Team Catron


God's Girl said...

I just want to say....

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ClosedRoseBud said...

I know this is completely silly, but I just had to share:

I have never had my eyes dialated. Although I have been to the eye doctor before, the doctor had pity on me and skipped that part. We were going to be out on errands all day long. My mom just scheduled an appointment for the eye doctor again and I have to say that I am nervous about the dialation part. However, reading about Jesse'smuscle shots really encouraged me. It seems silly to be worried about my eyes! I know that doesn't make the shots any more comforting, just know this, Jesse:
What you and your family are going through is essential to God's perfect plan for your life. Even though this is a small encouragement for me (and a silly one at that...) it is the small things that matter most. Know that you are changing people for the better.

My whole family and I have been praying for all you since day 1!

Maddie Livingston

ClosedRoseBud said...

I spelled dilation wrong... woops :) Hey, I don't like it after all...

Lisa said...

Dear Jesse, we are so glad you are doing well during your stay at home. I'm sure round 5 is looming; maybe you are even anxious to get it started and over with. I will focus very hard on prayers for a private room - that is certainly not asking for much, so we'll all get this prayer chain going!

The shots sound a little rough . . . our family has a couple of tricks to deal with painful situations. I have always let my kids pinch me as hard as they thought would equal whatever pain they were getting from a shot. I'm thinking your Dad is a perfect candidate to handle that! I pinch myself when I'm getting something done that isn't "pleasant" - the brain can only focus on a limited number of pain messages - so a really good self-pinch during the shot just might divide the nerve impulses up (don't google the medical validity of this). And then, there's the old "focus point" trick - natural child birth taught me to focus hard on some object that represented all goodness and light during the rough spots, and I can attest, it really worked.

We check your site every day and pray continually for all this to pass, be over, and you'll be on your road to full recovery, strength and energy.

Much love from the Suazo household!

LisaShaw said...

Standing in prayer with you Jesse. We love you sweet one.

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