Sunday, May 10, 2009


Good Morning,

On this most special of days I want to thank all the Mothers for their part in our lives. My mom (Stella) has helped to make me the Christian man that I am. I also thank Tonny and Carol in the part they played in making Dee who she is. And for Dee....I thank God for her and who she has become. The anchor in the storm we are in. Everything seems to go through her. The trials with Jesse, McKenzie's school work, Dakota growing into a woman, Lindsay's sounding board and all of my needs and what I go through with work. She is the "grounding rod" for all of us.

Every Mother plays this special roll in their families lives. We are such a product of how we are raised and that makes it even more important for us as parents be the roll model for our children. Thank you all so much for helping us be who we are.

Jesse is on dose #3 of Chemo. Her feet hurt really bad and feel like they are on fire (like when your feet are thawing out from being really cold). That is a side affect of the Cyterabine. She was throwing up a lot yesterday but Dee thinks it's because of the Magnesium they had to give her. We are all just gritting our teeth and praying things don't get to bad for our baby during this last round. She is so wore out of being in pain and sick that we just want it all to stop.

It's really lonely here at the house now with Jesse back in the Hospital and Dee in there for two days at a time. Jo will go in Tuesday through Thursday and I go in Friday. Thanks to Matt for taking Saturday. He and Megan kept her company all day Saturday so we hope she had fun.

God bless you all for all of your support and prayers. Have a great Mothers day.


Lisa said...

Hey Jesse - I wrote you I'd be hiking the Grand Canyon and that would be a great place to put a prayer up for you . . . and we all did! And, amazing amazing, there was a large group hiking the same day as us, and they were hiking to raise money for the Leukemia Society! Something meaningful in that! It was a tough day of hiking - very warm, not to mention I think I'm just not as young as I used to be, but when I heard these lovely young people were all doing this for such a great cause, what a lift that gave me!

Dee, Happy Mother's Day - let's be happy that this is the LAST round!

Much love from the Suazo house,

DARLA said...

HOWDY! Happy MOM's DAY to you all. What Lisa posted is inspiring and HOW awesome that that group was there at the same time as them!

Love ya all. HUGS

God's Girl said...

Happy Mother's Day Dee! I pray that the Lord continues to fill you with His strength to get through this last round.

Won't it be amazing to have this all behind you?

Jesse, Happy daughter of the King Day. I know it is tough now but there is light at the end of the tunnel. God I pray for Jesse! Would you give her some repreve from vomiting? Would you help her feet and the pain in them to subside? Oh God, heal this sweet girl we pray!


Missionary Hicks said...

Jesse-- It was great to see you when you ame to Starbucks. I hope you had a great time with your friends and family while you were home. Come see me again soon, and I'll be sure you get a great drink, ok. I'll be praying that the nausea goes away, and also for the pain in your feet. I'm so glad you have been doing so well, and that this is your last round.

Dee-- Happy Mother's Day! I hope it was a good day for you.

All my love and prayers-

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