Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 4

Good Morning,

The chemo is slowly leaving Jesse's body. Her headache is becoming bearable, but is still on a continuous pain pump. Her fever seems to have broke, and remains below 100. The next two days, should be ok days for her. Thursday night, the same doses will start all over, and back to the headache, fever and body pain. So far her vomiting is not a major issue, it seems to be much lighter than other rounds. I don't believe her ANC has even hit 0 yet, so there is still the week to 10 days at 0 with all the immune problems that go along with that. She said this morning, that the shot was no big deal, that will be easy for her to receive the final shot of chemo, and it will be finished!!! I wish she where up to a big party Saturday when the last dose is complete. We did hear that the nurses have a special song for the kids at the end, I think we will all miss it, that is Matt's day if she is up to it.

Happy Tuesday everyone, have a blessed day.

Team Catron


mak said...

Hey cutie Great NEWS!!!!!! today that its slowly going down for a little but sad i hear it`ll be back your tough so you got this! stay strong this is it!!!! and ha ya looking forward to that song sat.!thinking of you every minute of the day wishing i was there but Tomorrows it last day!!! so i`ll make it down there :)

chelsea galindo said...

hey jesse:)
i am praying that this last round will continue to go smoothly for you.
stay strong :D
your almost done!


Lisa said...

Maybe Matt can video tape the nurses performance? That should be an amazing song to hear - the final final! Every second brings you closer to being finished with all this, Jesse!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jes, Dad
I was just thinking about how much I love you. How your smile is so sweet and says so much even in these times of darkness. And how effortless it is for you to share one with someone that is having a bad day and how it brightens up their day. Thank you for being such a sweet person. I am so proud of you. I am proud of all my girls.
I had a second to look at your picture on my computer desk top, after walking both job sites and dealing with all the issues, and I was listening to the songs you loaded onto OUR IPOD that was put on my computer. Listening to songs like "By his wounds" and "How Great is Our God" gets me all emotional and thanking God for being with you when I can't be. I know he is sitting there with a tear rolling down his cheek being proud of the work you are doing in his name and never turning from your faith when that would be so easy to do. When others would ask where is your God while she is suffer we know he is there.
I listened to a song by Bebo Norman called "Borrow Mine". Have Jo pull that up and listen to the words. It's my song to you.
I love you peanut. Hang in there

Erica said...

Praying for you sweet girl!!! Praying for healing and cheering in the LAST round!! Hang in there!! Your almost done!

LisaShaw said...

Precious one you are on my heart and prayers. You are loved!

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