Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 3 of Recovery

Good Morning All,

Yesterday wasn't to shabby. She didn't throw up at all until this morning. We watched a movie, some TV and just caught up with each other.

About three in the morning we got new neighbors because there room flooded. There not to bad but when they first came in they caused so much ruckus and the little girl cried forever because she wanted to go back to her old room. They should be leaving Friday after some blood work and biopsies.

Jesse has been feeling a lot of pain in her back and it seems like something might be inflamed in her stomach area because she is starting to show the same signs when she had similar pain the last round. I pray and hope that as each day goes by that she'll recover as quickly as possible.

Much love,



Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

Go Jesse, You're on the home stretch!

Missionary Hicks said...

So good to hear that your doing well. I'll be praying for the pain to go away!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse, It's Angie. I want you to know, seeing how you pulled through this, it's going to help me. You are amazing!!!!! I know we do not have the samething, but we both have something that could... take us home. I am very happy for you that you are done!!!! It must be so nice! I can't wait for you to go back to church. I know it will be a long while but still. I have been praying for you like crazy!!!!! You're awesome.!!!!! <3 Angela

Anonymous said...

"Depend on the Lord and in His strength; always go to Him for help. Remember the miracles He has done: remember His wonders and His decisions." Psalms 105:4,5 (The EveryDay Bible)

We are praising our wonderful Lord, Jesse Girl, for being such a loving, protecting, kind Friend and Savior. And we are continuing to pray and trust Him for complete healing for you. I am asking Him for big blessings and much favor for you and the family. --And I include Angie and Zoe in those requests.

I am sorry for mising a few days. I will try to go back and add some verses as the Lord gives them to me. I have been spending a lot of time at Nita's and Jr.'s. The hospital sent him home Monday with Hospice care--which didn't show up until Tuesday, and then just for an hour or so. So I am still running up and down the road; sometimes with Grandpa, some times alone. Thursday we have to go back to the VA for the Dr. to check on Grandpa's eye. One hundred and forty plus miles for a 5-minute check. I am not complaining; I am so thankful for such a wonderful Dr. and facility!

Almost to the top of the mountain, Sweetheart; keep singing!All our love and prayers,

Grandma and Grandpa

God's Girl said...

Oh... I hope that those new, loud neighbors are gone now. I hope that it is quiet in your room and that you are sleeping well even now.

I can't wait to hear that this is all behind you. I am so excited to see your beautiful, smiling face in church again.

Love you sweet girl!


Lisa said...

Good morning, Jesse. I hope you wake today with less stomach and back pain . . . my daughter has health challenges and was having a bad day yesterday, and you always come to mind when I'm sitting and worrying and begin the prayers - prayers to help us all help those we love, help us accept what we cannot change, and help us be thankful for what we do have, help us be strong and not allow the pain and uphill battle that is in front of us take our strength and beat us down. We can overcome, rise above and be stronger than the challenge.

Today is graduation for Kat - lots of goings on and excitement. The ceremony is to be held at Arena - and apparently the planner wasn't really on top of things - 4 schools graduate there today, plus a sold out Taylor Swift concert, and two private graduation ceremonies of 1500 each! Would it be wrong to pray for a parking spot? How about just a parking spot within a half mile? It will be grid lock getting in and out - OK, I'll just pray for patience as we sit in that sea of cars!

Kat "slipped" in her behavior and instead of being out and about with friends this evening, she will spend the next few days firmly by the side of her parents. I'm thinking this means she will be safe - teen celebrations sometimes aren't, so I have to take this as a good thing overall. May be quite some time before Kat does!

Much love from the Suazo House