Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Praise Report :)

Good Morning,

Good News, Jesse's CT scan of her lungs shows that the nodules are smaller. This is great news :)

Jesse is still scheduled for her bone biospsy and spinal tap today. This will let us know if the Leukemia is still in remission.
Her platelets today have gone up to 62, so she should be getting her first round of chemo today. The chemo is every 12 hours for 4 days, and then the long road of bone marrow recovery. I can hardly wait to say we are on the last round!! It is right around the corner.

Have a great day, and tell someone today that you love them.
Much Love,
Team Catron


Toni said...

Good news indead! Hopefully the rest of todays tests have equally as good news. As always your entire family is in our thoughts and prayers. I love the picture of you and your niece.

The Rieger Family in Sunny Oregon

Lauren said...

What a praise! That's so exciting, you are all almost through this!!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

"In ALL things (big and small), gives thanks"; and we are doing that, big time, Jesse Dee! In my life time, I have found that when I thank the Lord for little things, God gives me bigger things to thank Him for.

We are continuing to trust for good reports and a pain-free session this time and next. God can do it, you know; He can do anything!

We love you all, and are with you in spirit, and holding you each as close as we can!

Oliphint- said...

Ya-Who! Praise God! Way great news to hear!

Charlene said...

Praise the Lord, awesome news to hear......Keep looking up, you're almost there girlfriend.....Always in my prayers and thoughts......

God's Girl said...

Oh, what a soothing title to your post.... a praise! We are so thankful to the Lord for that!

Thank you Lord that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We love you!

Todd and Julie

Allie Goldstein said...

Hey Jesse!
Good to see u and your sis tonight! Hope your feeling better tomorrow! Im working again Saturday so I will see you then (and come make you laugh)!
Allie (PCT)

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