Monday, March 2, 2009

Last two days =(

Good Morning its Jesse,

The picture above is my Double Broviac. Pretty radical huh =P Its really funny to watch my mom change the bandage because she gets all freaked out and nervous. Its not that big of a deal haha.

Today I feel an ounce better. So far I only threw up once, that is way better than 8 times. I will feel a whole lot better when I get my marinal. I have been out of it for a couple days and I'm just dieing here. Marinal makes me feel like a normal person I don't feel sick at all! Yay

So far this has been my least fav trip home. I felt like junk the whole time. Sadly, my stay home is coming to an end =( I had a lot of fun I got to drive with Dakota =D She surprisingly is a really good driver and doesn't speed =D

Well Have a good day and thank you for your posts and prayers.

Jesse =)


Anonymous said...

Its really good to hear from you young Lady , you are truly inspiration to all of us! We at AP are praying for you every day ! hang in there :) I'm still trying to get Vin Diesel to send you a card :) I like him too hahaha mt

Elissa Hill said...

We Love you Jesse!!! Thanks so much for sharing everything with us... you are truly inspirational to soooo many of us! And I have to agree, I road with Dakota, and she is pretty good! : ) Ha Ha!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

We love you, Jesse Dee, and are so proud of you!

I am really tired of writing you long messages, then losing them. I wish I knew where they are going!

Keep your eyes on the prize before you, not present circumstances. And remember, even when we feel yucky and like 'junk', we aren't.
God doesn't make junk! He made you beautiful, inside and out.

We are praying for you all, and loving you. Haven't had a report on how Clent is doing. Praying he is getting better, but not trying to 'Cowboy up' and over doing!
(Remember, Mama knows!)

Anonymous said...

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God's Girl said...

Thanks for sharing with us. It is always such a blessing to hear from you (when you are up to it).

I hope your last days at home get better for you and that you can feel rested.

Love you sweet girl!!!

Julie K

Lauren said...

Jesse -
I love when you update the blog! It's so fun to hear from you yourself! :) (Of course only when you feel good - but it's a special treat!)

Glad Dakota didn't take out any barriers. Just kidding! I got to chat with her on the bus on the way to the Youth Retreat and she is such a sweet sister! You are truly so blessed to have her!! :)

Your double broviac looks like it's pretty much heavy duty! Wow. As round 4 looms around the corner (sorry to remind you!) I am praying that it will be your easiest round yet. Your round 4 drug that won't be administered should hopefully provide less side effects and some much needed & deserved rest. Enjoy your last day at home and we are blanketing you in prayer.