Thursday, March 12, 2009


Wow, is that the big 35? oops, I think I switched the numbers up :)

Well, Jesse had her blood drawn again this morning, and her platelets are...55

She is 20 (20,000) short of being admitted. At least we will be able to spend time with Clent today when he gets off work. She has gotten a few mouth sores the last few days, so she is not able to talk much. She continues to throw-up at night, but her days seem pretty good. We will go back in on Monday to have her counts checked again.

Have a great day,

Love, Team Catron


Mark said...

Happy Birthday old man!!! I wish I were there to slap you around a bit on your birthday, but I'm sure the girls will do just fine in my place.

Jesse, I hope those platelets get up enough to get you started with round 4 next Monday. In the mean time, smile as much as you can and enjoy being home. Give everyone a hug.

Love, The Rieger's

Oliphint- said...

Have a GREAT day with your Daddy today on his birthday! Happy Birthday Clent.

Praying that the sores go away as fast as they came.

Darla said...

Hey happy B-DAY Clent..

Jesse Hope you get over those mouth sores.

Hey have you googled your name recently.. or just teamjesse? try it see what you see.

Still catching up on stuff from my absence. Trying to get $$ moving. I wrote article on eHow about retreivimg gopher from swimming pool. It might make you laugh.

I am leaving you the link.

Love you girl. WE will have strength for you. Love DARLA

Erica said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Clennnnnnnnnnnt! Happy Birthday to you!!! Enjoy your time with your girls!! Many prayers for healing Jess!! Love you all.

God's Girl said...

Happy Birthday Clent!
We think you look young!! It's all relative. Huh?

Praying for you Jesse... Lord I pray that You would bring relief to her tonight. Would You bring Your healing touch on her body?

We love you guys!
Todd and Julie

Meghan! = ] said...

Happy Birthday Clent!

Sorry to hear about the mouth sores... At least the platlets are going up some! Yay!

Praying for you Jess! <3

Love Meghan!

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