Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hanging Out

Good Morning,

For now, Jesse has the room to herself, we are in 209. Jesse's platelet count yesterday was 64, today they are 52. So, we are not sure if the plan is still start chemo tomorrow with the big drop. Jesse is still scheduled for a CT scan of her lungs, and an echo for her heart today. Jesse's cough has changed to a deep "bark", so we are really praying that the nodules in her lungs have not gotten bigger since her last CT. Tomorrow she is scheduled for a bone marrow biopsy and a spinal lumbar with a shot of chemo in her spine. Jesse continues to throw up, and feeling lousy. Dakota will be here at 12:00 today and all day tomorrow to be Jesse's support as she goes through all of the procedures.

Have a blessed day,

Team Catron


Mark said...

Hi Jesse

I bet you'll never want to hear the word "test" again after all the procedures you have to go through each day. Your Mom might have to throw a few at you though to get you through your home school education when this is all behind you. Of course feel free to throw the 'Cancer Card" out on the table once in awhile to get a well deserved break, or lean your head on your Dad's shoulder and bat your eyes at him. He'll melt of course, as if you hadn't figured that one out a long time ago. I sure hope your cold is mild enough to allow the Chemo to start. Get this session behind you and look forward to round five!! Do your best to keep your head up, smile when you can, and we'll keep the prayers and well wishes coming your way. We love you all.

The Rieger's

Erica said...

Hey Girls...

Praying today specifically that all of Jesse's test come back better then they were. Praying for healing on her body and for the cough to disappear. Love you all! Be strong and courageous!!

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for your strength...all of you! When God gives us an impossible command, we have two choices...obey or argue. If we will to obey, we will immediately receive what we need to do it. He will give us the capacity to succeed. So...PERSEVERE! May God continue to give you all the strength you need.

Brett, Cristina, Jerry, Brianna and Zach

Anonymous said...

Hey girly's. Jesse you are really going through a tough time here! You have come so far though, and with God's help, He's going to help you get through the rest!
You girls have fun today! And congrats on your liscense Kota! That's exciting!!


(Brianna Leaton)

Anonymous said...

you may never know those who are praying for you, but you are loved deeply by the Father. you have friends and family who love you deeply and I pray that the Father's perfect peace is present in the midst of your pain.

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