Monday, March 16, 2009

Going in

Hello everyone and sorry for a late blog today, Jesse went back into the hospital today she was at 65 which still wasn't quite there but being that it has been about 3 weeks they decided to admit her today and start the 4th round.

Jesse will have a busy day or two as she will be getting her platelets, blood, spinal tap, chemo and a few other things that goes with the round, Jesse went in with a slight runny rose and was tested for the virus that that sends you up to the 3rd floor with sick patients, it was negative but they still wanted her to go up as far as i know Deanna was not going to let that happen because it came back negative.

Jesse has been the one who has made me a lot stronger as a person and with my walk with God, to me she`s my best friend and the worlds greatest Girlfriend, I honestly couldn`t ask for more. God has blessed me and has given me the opportunity to share this journey with the Catrons as Jesse fights this battle and through Christ will overcome it!

Thank you for your trust and allowing me to be a part of Jesse`s life Thank you!

and to all Thank you for your prayers and support!

God Bless -Matt


Erica said...
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Erica said...

Praying this round flies by with little effect on Jesse. (believing in BIG things this round!) Praying for you Matt, I know this is tough. Your a good guy. Love you all.

Anonymous said...


Round 4 here we go. Continuing to pray. It is so great that you not only have family but a boyfriend that loves the Lord and continues to pray and stand by your side. I pray your platelets rise quickly and you have a great round 4.

We love you.

God is good and will continue to pour into your hearts. Continue to have faith in who He is and what He continues to do for those that love Him. You are ministering to so many hearts and so many lives.



Anonymous said...

Dearest Family, We are constantly holding you up before the throne of our Father. We are so thankful that you all know Him too, and know how very much He loves you. His enduring grace and mercy will sustain you, and the poweer of His Holy Spirit will lift your spirits above the circumstances to heavenly peace and comfort.

Asking God, and trusting, that this round be easier and less painful for our precious "soldier" Jesse.

We love you all dearly,
Grandma and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

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