Sunday, March 1, 2009

Count down to Round 4

Good Morning,

Jesse has 3 more days to enjoy her time at home, sleep in her bed and be able to move about. Jesse has a new favorite spot in the house, dad and moms bed. As soon as the bed is empty, Jesse jumps in and spends her day snuggling into the covers. Because of the round the clock meds, I sleep with Jesse in case something should arise. Jesse decided yesterday to change her own IV line. We knew this because Dakota came running down the hallway shouting "Jesse has blood in her line". We went running, and found that the medicine was not pumping in, but blood was pumping out. We are not really sure what happened, she either didn't clip her line shut, or hit backprime on the machine. Jesse is feeling a little better, she throws up less at night, and did not throw up this morning. We think the C-diff meds are starting to kick in.

Jesse is dreading going back to the hospital, she is so tired of the prodding and poking and the limited space in the rooms. She has endured a lifetime of misery in just a short 4 months. Jess is such a strong young lady, and she hears frequently that she handles all that is throw at her with such grace. What an honor as a parent to have a child that blesses others through such a trying time.

We wish you all a blessed Sunday, and rest in Him.

Much Love, Team Catron


Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me, continually blessing others as you are going through such a trying time. Jesse you are an amazing girl. We cannot stress this enough to read what you are going through with such grace and all the while still looking so beautiful. You always will be.

Rest in Him today. He promises us His restoration.

Love you all,


Erica said...

Praising the Lord for less puking! Praying the rest of the time spent at home is sweet. Jess you are handling all of this with such grace and beauty. Love you girly.

Anonymous said...

hi,this is charlie.what have you been doing at home?
i have been:throwing up at movie stores
throwing up at home
playing INDIANA JONES legos
i watched Eagle EyE
playing club penguin
playing on webkinz a gantz website
i almost threw up on a field trip 4 days ago


Elissa Hill said...

You guys are such Characters...You are to much fun!! And thank you Lord for less throw-up! : )

Winnie said...

Hello Jesse
I am so glad that i can follow you on the internet, and i am smiling to your picture every dag and wishing you the best of luck.
My spelling is bad, but i hope you get the meaning any way.

Say hallo to your familie from me.
your mothers aunt in Denmark.

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