Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Big Scare!!!

At 11:20 a.m. Jesse was sent in an ambulance to the hospital.

Her and I were sitting on the counter top of our bathroom around 10:50-11:00, when she told me that she felt there was something wrong, that something just wasn't right. She told me that she felt hot and that she was blacking out. I took a look at her and she was so pale and her lips were yellow. When she would start to close her eyes it would take seconds for Jesse to hear my voice and open them back up.

I immediately went to my mom and told her what was happening. She quickly called 911 and in in only minutes the ambulance arrived at our house. When they came for her, Jesse was lying in my bed on her left side. It seemed that laying down made her feel a tad bit better. Outside of my window you could hear their siren. I told Jess that she would finally be able to ride in an ambulance and that it would be a nice and fast ride. We always wondered what it would be like and hear she gets her chance, unfortunately without me by her side.

The paramedics took her on a gurney and they were telling us that because her blood pressure is so low they would have to start an IV through her arm because they don't have permission from their doctors telling them that they can use her central line. Well like usual, no one couldn't find a vein so they said that they would just monitor her and what not.

I got a call from my dad a couple minutes ago telling me that Jesse is fine now, the doctors just aren't exactly able to tell us what was wrong with her.

Please keep her in your prayers.

Love you all,



Oliphint- said...

I have chills as I read this! Thank you Dakota for the update. Keep us posted. I am standing in prayer for her right now. Lord, I ask that you please give the doctors wisdom and guidance right now with Jesse. Wrap your strong loving arms around this family right now, in Jesus Name!

Lisa said...

I'm glad I'm in the office alone right now because I'm just crying too much . . . I just hate that this is happening to such a young beautiful girl and such a loving family - I know so much good will come of this, but the price you all are paying seems too high. I'm continually amazed at how you all share this journey - my prayers are fervent for this to pass, for Jesse's next two chemo treatments to go as smoothly as such can, and by July you all are enjoying that great trip and this is all behind you.

Erica said...

Oh my goodness! Just now I see the missed call from you. :( SO SORRY! Yesterday she was laughing and chattin it up on the couch. :(

Praying for wisdom for the doctors, peace for each of you and much much love to all of you. Off to turn my phone volume up. (((((HUGS)))))

Lauren said...

Dakota -
When I first saw this I started freaking out. I'm so sorry that this happened, but obviously it was part of God's plan for some reason.

Praying that everything's ok and they can diagnose what it was and how they can avoid it in the future.

Anonymous said...

We are standing in the gap praying for you Jesse!! I will be checking the site throughout the day in hopes of an update, but I know that God will keep you under His wing!
Much Love,
The Leach Family
James, Val, Tori, Alyssa and Evan

Anonymous said...

wow jesse that is terrible i hope you get better soon i just got home from school and herd the news. i just want to say i love you alot im praying for you.

prayers,smiles and love, mckenzie

Grandma and Grandma said...

We are glad you are better, Jesse.
We don't now the whys and wheres of everything that goes wrong. However, we can lay them at the feet of Jesus, leave them there, and walk away with peace of heart and mind.

The people here really went to prayer for you, today. So many of them have told me that they feel like they know you, and really pray for you all of the time.

Aunt Merna had a real healing touch in her shoulder, Sunday morning. I feel like Jesus is rapidly getting ready to pour out His Love, Mercies and Grace upon His people, and show His power. We need to be filled with His Spirit, and sensitive to His speaking to us.
Uncle L. sends his love and prayers to you.

We greatly love all of you, and we are praying for all of you,

God's Girl said...

Oh my goodness. We prayed for you Jesse at our staff meeting between 10:00am and 11:00am.

I'm glad you are OK. We sure love you guys!

Todd and Julie

Zinger said...

have not been able to post much with being out of town and now have caught up mostly JESSE and KOTA and FAMILY we are praying for you... I hope heart is okay and liver too WE LOVE YOU and will continue praying.

We wanted to come visit but MEg felt her cold coming on and would not dare risk it... seems there are always sick kids around and grocery stores are fulll of sick people.

WE willl pray and tell others to pray too! LOVE DARLA

Anonymous said...

hello i am a goer of
lighthouse fellowship churchand i imagine how she feels and then i imaginea cut or bruise a billion times worst i just wanted you to know that i am preying for you

11 year old girl

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