Sunday, March 8, 2009

3 Weeks, and still suffering

Hello Everyone,

Well, Jesse just seems like she cannot get better. She has been home nearly 3 weeks, and just feels terrible. She has started to vomit again today, and has no energy. She has an appointment Tuesday, but I feel I will need to take her in tomorrow to have her blood levels checked. We thought we would give you a snap shot of Jesse's day at home.

5:00am - Takes her pill for c-diff

6:00 - Start her IV 500 ml of water , takes 40 minutes

6:40 - Disconnect the water & hook up her IV foscarnet for her HHV6 virus

7:40 - Disconnect IV

8:00 - Disconnect IV nutrition

8:00 - Take pills for Lung fungus, Heart medication, Gall Bladder & Liver sludge and Stomach

11:00 - Take pill for c-diff

2:00pm - Start 500 ml of water IV again for HHV6 virus

2:40 - Disconnect water-Hook up foscarnet

3:40 - Disconnect foscarnet

5:30 - Make IV TPN nutrition

6:00 - Hook up IV TPN to Jesse

8:00 - Take pills again for Lungs, Heart, Gall bladder, Liver and Stomach

9:15 - Start 500 ml of water IV yet again for HHV6

10:00 - Disconnect water & Hook up Foscarnet

11:00- Disconnect foscarnet

11:00 - Take pill for c-diff

5:00am - Start all over again

No wonder Jesse doesn't feel very good, she goes through all of that, plus every 4 hours marinol for nausea and every 2-3 hours rotate, adivan, hydoxzine and zofran for more nausea. This is a wicked disease, that no one should ever have to endure.
We would like to thank everyone again for all of the help we are given with rides for Dakota and Kenzie and food during the week-most of the time, there are just not enough hours to do it all. Oh, and to add just a touch more, we will be moving in April :)

We hope all of our readers had a nice weekend, and enjoyed being with there families.

Much Love- Team Catron


Anonymous said...

WOW...Simply unimaginable! Our hearts go out to you. Thank you for letting us have a glimpse into your daily routine that we might be able to pray more effectively. Keep the failth and know that when you are so very weak their are hundreds if not thousands of believers lifting your family up around the clock.

In Christ,
The Hamricks

Grandma and Grandpa said...

"For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and His ears are open unto their prayers." 1Peter 3:12a

What an agenda! When does any one sleep? Why hasn't the Doctor ordered a home-health nurse to be there part of the day to help? Don't they have them in AZ? Just curious.

Hey Catrons, we love you dearly. I KNOW God is faithful, and I know He is always ever so close to you. I feel like He is getting ready to do something big and fantastic in your lives. I am already thanking Him for it.

The wedding is over, and it was beautiful. The baby shower is over, and it was very lovely and nice. All the lady-workers' legs and feet now have time to get un-swelled. It was around 80 degrees and beautiful! Now we go back to the 40s and 20s.

All of our church family here are sending you all their love, and sending prayers to our Father for you.===We are too!.

God's Girl said...

I can not begin to imagine what you must be going through sweet Jesse. Do you see a light at the end of the tunnle yet? I pray that you do.... the encouragement of seeing the end... will encourage you today.

I love you Team Catron!

Erica said...

Such a nasty disease. You are such a trooper Jess. Many many prayers for healing. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! You guys just dont stop!between Jesse, and Mr. Catron, now moving!!!! WOW!!!! I am still praying for you all!!! I hope that vacation comes soon for you guys!!!:D

Meghan! = ] said...

Hey, I'm sorry Jesse isn't feeling too great... Praying she'll feel better soon.

Love you Jess! = ]

<3 Meghan

DARLA said...

Oh man we want to visit and give jesse hugs and tell good off and laugh out loud. But Meg seems to always be close to a cold or I am. I've been home for 2 weeks now and it has buzzed by.

Make sure you guys give us your new address - we want to be able to find you :)

I will try to post at least once a week...

darla said...

tell stories adn GOOF off not good off.sorry