Saturday, February 14, 2009

What is Valentines Day?

Good Morning to all of Jesse's friends and family,

Jesse had a pretty rough night. She threw up several times (still blood) and is still in a lot of pain from her swollen Liver. Her ANC is 336. It didn't jump much today so hopefully the white blood cells are trying to heal the sores in her mouth and throat to stop the bleeding. We are still hopeful that she is coming home Monday. We just hope she is in better shape if she does. It is so important that she gets a break from this "torment" she is in and home will be a nice change of scenery. It would really be cool for her to sleep through the night too.

I would like to share something that changed my life a long time ago (good time to send Jes a blog if you are not interested).

When we lived in Oregon I went to a Promise Keepers men's rally in Sacramento. The theme of this rally was "The Role of a Father". We learned how God has appointed the man the head of the house hold. Not to rule with an iron fist but to be open minded, listen to your spouse, and make the decision that is best for your family (after a lot of thought and prayer). will be held accountable for your actions and decisions (straight from the Bible). We have been given a huge responsibility and also a privilege. At this meeting the speaker showed how Jesus, also being given this huge responsibility handled it with love and compassion (which is how we are to handle our Family). With all of his followers watching He humbled himself (to the lowest position in those days) and washed his disciples feet to show how a leader can also be a servant. Man! I couldn't wait to get back home. It was late Saturday night when I got home so Sunday morning I lined up the four girls and Mom in chairs and started with the littlest one and started washing feet. At first they all thought I was funny and they laughed. But as I was telling each one all the special things I loved about them and how very much they blessed me and how sorry I was for falling way short of what a good Father should be it took on a new meaning. The tears started flowing. As I came to Dee it was very hard to get the words out I wanted to say. As I touched her feet the emotional and spiritual bond that we had then (and has grown even more since) was apparent to even the girls. That day they got to see a big burly guy cry and tell their Mom how much he loved her. How she is the one person that completes me. I told Dee how sorry I was that I fall so short of being a good husband and father and thanked her for being by my side even so. That whole experience was something all the girls and I have never forgotten. I am not saying that you guys should drop what you are doing and go wash your families feet (wouldn't hurt anyone though) I am just saying that Valentines Day should be more than flowers and chocolate. The love you show your wife is something the kids watch and will want from their husband. Every day should be Valentines Day. Trust me...every day isn't at our house just should be. But when Dee and I meet in the Kitchen or even coming out of the bathroom (after washing our hands) there is always a touch or kiss from one of us that assures the other one that our love is still going strong. That we are always here for the other person. That special "God given" connection.

Have a great Valentines Day and try to really show someone how much you love them. It takes effort (men) from our side but I think you will always find the Ladies on our side of the "meet you in the middle" area.

Thanks for all of your prayers and blogs. We love you all.


Lisa said...

Wow Jesse, what a Dad you have! What a beautiful beautiful writing today! And, I have to say, I'm feeling mighty lucky - I have a man in my life like your Dad and when all around is chaos, he is my absolute anchor in the storm. I so hope my daughter watches and learns from us and chooses a man like her Dad. No doubt, Jesse, you already have learned to choose a good guy to be by your side - Matt's postings are incredible and show his heart.

We pray each day for the Catron family - I ask you all to pray for us tonight. Our daughter has a condition that means her body doesn't sleep in a restorative way. We all love that good night's sleep - we all love waking up refreshed - one of small but oh so important pleasures in life. Kat doesn't have that and as the medical world currently stands, she never will. We are trying a new sleep medication tonight for the first time - took us 18 months to get to a point where we are willing to try it. She will actually be rendered unconscious, but maybe her body will finally restore, regenerate and she'll wake up and be energetic - gee, how will we handle that? Sometimes you have to be careful about what you wish for!

So we'll trade prayers tonight - so many for Jesse to please be free of pain, to please be ready to go home Monday and snuggle in her bed with her relieved parents near by, and with an extra in there for good sweet sleep for Jesse and Kat.

Anonymous said...

Jesse Girl, I have been praying all day that your Valentine's Day will be increasing with joy as the day goes on, as your pain decreases,you gain strength, and get healthy!! We are praying you have a quiet, healing, sweet sleep tonight, and Kat also. (And Dad!)

The darkness of illness is lifting, the shadows are leaving, for the morning SON is coming. "Rise, shine, for the Light is come", and the blessings are flowing.--All will be well.

Aunt Merna apologizes for not sending you a card to let you know she is thinking of you, and praying. She slipped and fell again, two-three weeks ago, and hurt her shoulder again, making what little she could write, almost impossible. She hasn't been able to write very much since she tore her shoulder up. The doctor says it is a miracle she has a shoulder at all.--Another demonstration of God's great love and mercy.

With today being the 'day of Love',I have been thinking of the unfanthomable love of God, and the many ways He has shown us He loves us. I couldn't even begin a good list of all of His blessings of love in my life. There have been so many! I don't get much farther than the blessings of salvation and the wonderful family He has given me before I have to stop and praise Him. I am so BLESSED with His love!!


'One day some friends were walking down the beach when one of them shouted, "Look at that dead bird!" One of them looked up at the sky and said "Where?"

Our love and prayers always,
Grandma and Grandpa

Quote: Gratitude, like Faith, is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it grows.

God's Girl said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing such a great story for Valentine's day. I really think that you should write a book of devotions! God uses you to really touch hearts!

We are still praying for all of you! Jesse, you are in our thoughts and prayers daily!!! You are enduring these hard, sick, the most difficult of days and the Lord rewards us for simply enduring (and what you are enduring is not simple or easy). Your rewards are great Jess!

We love you!
Todd and Julie

Anonymous said...

Catron Clan!


Something that I can tell as a family you are definitely wonderful at. You guys are wonderfully blessed. Clent that was a great story. I think I remember Lindsay telling me about that. I miss those times when you were in Oregon. I drive by your old house every time and look up that hill. We sure miss you here. We love you! We are rooting for your healing continually Jess.

Much Love,


Erica said...

Happy belated Valentines Day Catrons!!!

Clent what a great post and so appropriate for Valentines Day. A beautiful example.