Thursday, February 5, 2009

She really is getting better

Blister on Jesse's tongue

Good morning to Jesse's friends and family,

I took one on the chin for Team Catron and stayed the night with Jesse on a work night. I have a very important pre-construction "kickoff" meeting this morning with a school district that I have never met but has asked A&P that I run the job from the recommendation of their construction consultant GVE. What an honor that GVE thinks enough about the way I run work and treat my subs that they would ask for me. I am going to show up with blood shot eyes and circles under them because I don't sleep at the Hospital. I know Dee sleeps through a lot of the activities the Nurses have to go through because she is used to sleeping through my snoring. She doesn't hear my alarm go off when I get up for work at 4am or me shaving and dressing (she doesn't hear the F16's either when they take off so that should tell you all you need to know). Apparently our neighbors husband snores loud too because she slept through all of her beeps. I was calling in both. I don't mind though. I got to spend a little time with Jesse and give Dee a well deserved break. Three nights in a row is tough. Think what Jesse must be feeling.

If today was the first day you saw Jesse your heart would skip a beat and you would think of my gosh (see pictures again). And if it was the first time you saw her throw up a bucket of nothing but blood you wouldn't believe it possible. We had a new Nurse, that I have never seen , and I know has never seen Jesse because that is what she was experiencing. She walked in the room and the first thing she said was "wow, I have never seen that many pumps on a pole". Jesse has a 103 fever so she had her choice of how to take her Tylenol. She chose swallowing the pills (and suffering the pain) instead of crushed (because of the terrible taste) or the grape liquid (because of the volume she would have to take) knowing any way would cause throwing up. Right on que she took the pills and started throwing up blood. It freaked the Nurse out. "Is she suppose to be throwing up blood"? (NO)

But she has improved since I stayed with her Sunday and seeing her Tuesday (see pictures again). She couldn't open her mouth that far or stick her tongue out at all because of the swelling. Her entire mouth has these blistering sores all the way down her throat. And still she tries to be up beat. She is truly my Hero. I am so proud that she is my daughter and she has the courage to stay strong in her beliefs while dealing with all these effects of treatments.

I will have to leave before we get the daily print out of her vitals. I imagine no ANC again because when they show up they will be fighting the sores.

Have a great day and please pray for Jesse's sores to go away.

We love you all and thanks for the blogs


Lindsay said...

Good Morning Dad and Jesse,

I just wanted to write and say how much I love you; writing doesn’t really even explain it. I woke up feeling renewed and excited for the day as today my little girl is turning 4. As I read today’s blog I can’t help feel this sharp heavy feeling in my heart, it hurts to know I am here getting ready for a birthday party and you are there struggling just to survive. I sit here at my desk in tears thinking about you both, dad not sleeping and getting up and going to work, I wish the rest of the world would pause so we all could take this time of illness and pain and just be with it and not have to worry about anything else. I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of you and how blessed I am to have you as my dad. I really feel like I need to be there, I need to be the one staying three nights in a row to give you and mom a break. For those you haven’t experienced it, I can’t even begin to explain what it feels like, the longing , the strong urge to just pack up everything and run away, to be with Jesse… and then getting there and there is nothing you can do. The only thing you can do is sit there and watch a child go through so much pain and misery, a hold the bucket. I love you Jesse and wish that there was something I could do to make this better, I know it is hard to see the light, sometimes it is hard for me to see and I am not the one stuck in a tiny space suffering. I love you guys and hopefully will see you soon.

Jill said...

Hi Catron Family,

I have been following your blog and praying for Jesse. You are a strong family to not only persevere through this but to share your story with others. I've been reading your comments about the Tylenol and wanted to mention two more options (although this might involve you having to get them yourself at the store). Chewables and dissolvable strips. The chewables would still have to be swallowed but it would be like taking a crushed pill that actually tasted good. The dissolvable strips would probably burn but they do absorb fast and there is no swallowing involved.

BTW, I've been a nurse for over 11 years and I get outraged sometimes to hear that you are getting less than spectacular care. Please remind your nurses that your best day right now is better than their worst day. I know that sounds harsh, but sometimes they don't realize how their bad mood could affect their's okay to give them a wakeup call!

I'll keep praying!

Lisa said...

Just talked to your Dad, Jesse - he is such a sweety! When I read he was going to be at the construction meeting this morning (I work for GVE and so does my husband, Tito - that is how we know what an incredible guy your Dad is), I called our project manager who was in the meeting too and asked him to please give your Dad a big hug from us. Funny, but he refused! Something about hugging in a construction meeting I guess just doesn't work . . . men! But I did talk to your Dad and all I can do is let him know we are with you guys each day in prayer . . . I wish there was more we could do. I hope you know how much you and your family are doing for so many - the inspiration and example you all set is amazing. I pray pray pray for quick healing and relief from the pain - get through this third round and you are more than half way there!

PraisinYahweh said...

Team Catron,

My heart aches for you all and the road you are traveling right now. Today your blog taught, or should I say re-taught, me that the days that I think are bad are really no so bad when looked at with the right perspective. Thank you for being God's voice to me today. I am praying that the sores will go away quickly and for a less serious reaction to the next round of chemo. Someday God is sure to look each of you in the eyes and say, well done good and faithful servant.

Jordyn said...

Hi there Jesse :)

I Can't tell you how much we are all praying for those sores to dissapear and for the ANC count to shoot up. I have been hearing the story of Daniel quite a bit through out the week between church and devotions and I was hoping you too could find encouragement in it. Even though his enemies wanted nothing more than for him to die he never stopped trusting in God and the plan that he had for him. Even as he was being thrown into the den filled with lions ready to tear him apart Daniel never feared, just trusted in God. You and so strong Jesse and I know God has a plan for you that is so great you'll prob never fully know. But I'm praying that God would surround you with people who will comfort and enourage you right now so that you to can have a renewed fath in God's plan.

Love you,

Jeremy Ashlock said...

Hi Jesse,

I wish I could help carry more of the burden for you. Like your dad, I wish I could take your place even for one day, so that you can rest and heal.


You are an amazing man of God, and an awesome example for me to follow. thank you for being that example. Praying for all of you!


Grandma and Grandpa said...

"Oh magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together. I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears." Psalms 34:3,4

Hello Jesse Dee, we hope our Precious girl is doing much better this evening. The sores on your arm, and the ones on your tongue, look exceedingly painful. We are so sorry. We have been praying all day that God would take away the sores, and the pain in your your mouth and throat would desolve and disist. (break up and stop).

We wouldn't want you to get big-headed and vain, but you really are a trooper of the best quality, and we are extremely proud of you! I know God thinks so too, because He says you are His favorite.

We are anxious to hear how Dakota's driving experience fared, and if she survived in good shape.

We praise God for all the Catron 6+ Clan, and are proud of you all.

Love you bushels and pecks and hugs around the necks!

Addicted to Dr. Pepper said...

Still praying, God loves you and is holding you always.
Love Ariana <3

Anonymous said...

HEy Jesse. So sorry i haven't been able to write you!! Trust me, I have been trying! lol
So you better feel better soon! You're making me sad (not that i already am) I'll keep praying that those sores will go away. Seeing the pictures, totally made it worse then what I thought. = ( I'm sorry that you have to go through this pain.
You get lots of rest! I can't wait to be an RN. I decided that I'm going to work at the cancer treatment center that just got built. I'll make sure to be quite when I'm changing the machines, and I won't let them beep either. They'll be like, "Bri, you're the best RN ever", and I'll say, "Well, thanks to a good friends a couple years ago, I can successfully make this experience easier." Than they'll want to meet you, and then we'll be so famous togther! how does that sound!?

Dekota-THAT'S SO AWESOME!!! I've had my license for a couple months now, its amazing! You have so much freedom! Well, freedom as in, going by yourself to shop for your mom, and if you're like me and don't like to be alone, you'll bring a sibling along. :P

Well I pray for your family! And JEsse, after all this, you'll be everyone's hero. You are even now. =) Thank you so much. I love you!! *hug* (Brianna Leaton)