Saturday, February 21, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Current Picture of Jesse at home yesterday.

Good Morning,

We are having pretty good days. Jesse throws up very little, and mainly just 1 or 2 times at night. She did have some jello yesterday, and all stayed down. We had her appointment yesterday for some platelets, they where pretty low. We also have some news regarding Jesse's heart. The "squeeze" in her heart is declining. When we first arrived in Oct, it was 40, and now it is only 24. Her next chemo rounds has two different chemo drugs. One, she gets every round, and the other is a new one, and is very hard on the heart. We have an appointment on Monday with a cardiologist that will verify the condition of her heart, if no improvement since we left the hospital, they will not give her the chemo that affects her heart. Two ways to look at that, one-the round will be much easier on Jesse or two she is not getting the drug she needs for the leukemia.

Clent is struggling with pain. The first two days, he has not slept, and his pain level is between 13-15, yes that is past the normal scale of 1-10. I do see some improvement today, maybe we can get him to a 10.

We are having a great time with My brother and Amy, they are wonderful cooks and caretakers.

Love, Team Catron


Mark said...

Hi Everyone

Maybe Clent should get some of that medical marijuana for the pain that Jesse was getting. Do it for the pain old buddy!!

We're glad to hear you're doing better Jesse. Being at home must feel pretty good. Have a great time with your Aunt and Uncle in town. We're in Albany now and heading to Eugene for the Ducks basketball game against Stanford. We're staying at Greg & Kernies. Everyone says hello and wish all of you the very best. Live...Love...Laugh. We miss you all.

Love, Mark, Toni, Trevor, Austin, Greg , Kernie, Abby, & Casey

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Jesse Dee, you are so beautiful!! It shines through from the inside, coming from a beautiful soul.

We are so glad you can swallow, and hold down jello. If you could hold down pureed bananas and veggies that have lots of potassium in them, and mashed potatoes, it would help build up your system.

Deanna, if Aunt Merna hasn't called, you might consider calling her. After all she has been through with her shoulder (and we are thankful she still has one), she can give you hard-learned wisdom on ways to lessen the pain, that the doctor didn't tell her, without drugs and alcohol.

I am praying for all of you. Pain, in any way, size, or shape, is no fun.--But life will be much better after it is gone.--God's Word is true, He will never forsake you.

Loving you beyond all human reasoning,

Anonymous said...

Catron Family
Its Robbi here once again from Texas. As you know, I check in each day to see how Jess is doing and really enjoy reading the blogs. Thank you for sharing this experience no matter how bad or how testing with all of us whom you do not even know. I do believe Jesse has more love and prayers than she can ever imagine for all of us out here rooting her on. I often ask Melissa and Cory about you and pray for them as well as I know how they have been at a loss over this as well.
Jesse I am elated that you are home girl and you are more beautiful than ever!!!! Such a brave, wonderful individual you are sweetie!! I wish I could meet you all and give you a big Texas hug. If you ever come this way to visit Mel and Cary, I want to meet all of you!!! You all are such an inspiration to so many people. Your faith is unbreakable and what an example you all are of what a family should be. THe lord is bound and determined to make sure you all are wrapped in his love and safe arms.
Clent, Pain is pain no matter what number, right?? I pray it eases with every passing minute. I hope the girl are all well now and everyone can be healthy soon so your family can all just have some quality time together and enjoy it so. Thank you again for sharing this with all of us. Until next time.....Jesse, keep shining sweetie, you are the brightest star there is.

Lauren said...

Jesse - you look beautiful! Seriously! I love that picture of you. Only get better from here, k?

God's Girl said...

Oh... We pray that you are coming down on the pain scale Clent!

We've been praying for you!

Todd and Julie