Thursday, February 12, 2009

Her ANC is 240!!!

Goooooood Morning!!!

I couldn't believe how high her ANC was today. I for sure thought that it would go way down. It was actually nice to be proven wrong.

The only thing that really bites us that even though her ANC is still going up and shes now basically able to go home, she is in no shape to go home. Maybe by the end of this week or the beginning of the next all her pain will have subsided.

Well I noticed last night that every two hours she has to go to the bathroom. It is really frustrating to have to unplug and untangle everything. Around 5:00 in the morning, Jesse started to cough, and that ended up in her having to throw up. It unfortunately was a lot.

I'm hoping that the rest of the day she won't have to vomit again.

Well... I must be off. In any minute now Chris Alvarez will be here to pick me up. I just want to thank you and Michele, you really really help out my family and I in that area.

I also want to thank you all for your prayers and support.

Much Love,



Anonymous said...

You are such a wonderful sister and a friend! Thank you for being the hands and the feet of Jesus. Jesse is truly blessed to have you by her side. Your parents are blessed indeed to have you helping them tremendously.

I am so excited to hear that your ANC count is rising! That is such a huge prayer answered. I was thinking in the car today about how we have to go through the valleys to get to the mountain top. Through all you have went through you have kept your eyes on the mountain top and your heart on Jesus. You are such an inspiration.

I was sharing with some people at the hospital (work)the other day about your blog and situation. It was amazing to me the doctors and nurses that did not quite realize the pain that even their patients went through. Your posts that the family shares are truly amazing and eye opening. Thank you for opening that part of your life up to us. I think when we can enter into the pain of others we can more fervently go to God in prayer.


Love you guys,


Troy Rud said...

Hi Catrons. Just want to let you know we miss you and are praying for you daily. Jesse, stay strong and keep fighting through it. Dakota, stay faithful and let the Lord work in you through this too. All of you are are such a blessing and an example to us of trusting Christ. Love you all. Talk to you soon.
In Him

Toni said...

Things are looking up to go home soon hopefully! Wish the pain would go away for you. All our positive thoughts and prayers are sent your way ~ for your whole family!

Love from Oregon,
Mark, Toni, Trevor & Austin

Erica said...

Yeah!! Way to go Jesse! Its looking like maybe Valentines Day!!! I knew you could do it! Way to go girlfriend!

Praying for continued healing for you sweet girl.

Kota - your a trooper!!

Love you all mucho.

God's Girl said...

Awe... such good news and we praise God with you for that.

Oh Jesse, Hugs to you, prayers for you and love to you sweet one. It is so hard to hear of your pain.
:( We will continue to pray for you and your amazing family!

Thanks for the update Kota!
We love you!
Todd and Julie

Grandma & Grandpa said...

Hello, I don't know where the message I just wrote disappeared to, but it isn't where it is suppose to be!

Let me just say we are glad to hear the ANC count continues to rise; we are praying the pain will go away, and praising God that He hears us when we pray!

We love you all beyond measure and good sense.

Quote: 'Happiness isn't a condition; it is a decision'