Friday, February 13, 2009


We are about to finish up round 3. Jesse's ANC today is 330 . Even though it is past the 250 mark, they are going to keep her through the weekend. This will give her a chance to ween off the pain med, antibiotics, and get the TPN down to 12 hours a day. She also has her bone marrow test on Monday. As soon as she is up and about, we will be going home. She will need to come back in on Wednesday to check her platelet count and make sure they are increasing.

Jesse is still vomiting blood, which tells us the sores in her throat are not healed yet. Her liver is still hurting her during those times, but the pain has eased up a bit.

We are really looking forward to having Jesse home again. We hope that having her in her own room, will boost her spirits, calm her tummy and just feel normal for a few days.

Round 4 is looming around the corner. I have been told that it is worse than round 3. How could that be??? I guess more of the same and just hitting her harder. I think if we increase the pain med, she may never remember it.

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by.

Love, Team Catron


Lauren said...

Jesse -
Recovery from the rounds of chemo must be horrible. At the same time, I know the Lord is sustaining you by providing a positive attitude and strength. Half way through. OVER half way through. Round 4 must look so discouraging to get through, but I'm praying more and more as it draws near. For now, go home and enjoy it though... I had surgery a couple months ago ( I had a broken ankle so I have 4 screws in my foot!) and after surgery the only place I wanted to go was home, after 1 day, so I can only imagine how much you want to go home.
Have a good day, (as good as you can!) And if you need a movie suggestion (I'm sure you've seen so many!) try Fireproof. I watched it here and enjoyed it.

Addicted to Dr. Pepper said...

Hey guys,
There's a little good news! Going home will be way awesome for you Jesse. Keep looking up Jesse, your doing a great job! Your strength during this time is an inspiration to me! Jesus loves you soooooooooo much.
Love Ariana :) <3

Mark said...

Hi Jess

Just a few more days and you can escape, even if it's only for a short while. Make sure that you throw up mostly for your Dad while your home. (Ha Ha Clent) I truly hope that the sores go away soon and you can get some real food down and a Starbucks or two as well. It's been snowing here all day. It's so pretty to watch. Winter is not through with us yet up here in Central Oregon. I'm sure that winter's actually been hard on everyone down there as well. I hear it actually gets down below 65 degrees every once and awhile in Phoenix. A person might actually have to wear a sweat shirt a few days a year.

Say hi to everyone. We miss you all and continue to pray for a cure for Cancer and for your recovery. Love from your Oregon friends.

Mark, Toni, and the boys.

Anonymous said...

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Timothy 1:7

Hi Jesse Girl, we are so thankful for every little step up the mountain of recovery. I keep remembering that God has promised us NOW, not tomorrow. Jesus said in Matthew 6:33 & 34, that we are to seek Him first, and His righteousness, and not to worry about tomorrow, for it will take care of itsself. (Stella's paraphrase). So we take the grace He gives us that He gives us for THIS day and do our best to please Him in all ways, knowing that when the next day comes, He will give us sufficient grace and strength for it. We can't borrow grace and strength from tomorrow; why borrow worries and fears from it?

We are so proud of all of you, and so thankful that you all know where your strength comes from. It is a real comfort to us to know we can depend on the Lord to hold you up and give you His grace and strength for every hour. ---As much as we would like to, we can't do that for you. And we are so thankful for the host of angels (heavenly and human)He has set about each of you. And they are with you at all times, helping you climb the mountain.

We will continue to pray and believe with you, Jesse, for the healing touch of Jesus, that you will be able to go home in a few days, and will continue to improve by leaps and bounds and enjoy yourself, home and family. We would love to be there with you!

Love and prayers always,

Grandma and Grandpa

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