Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finally Home

Good morning to all of Jesse's friends and family,

She is finally home!!!

We got her home last night after her ECHO and Fascarnet drugs were done. It took the Cardiologist a few hours to get back to us with the ECHO results. Her heart is not pumping blood as strong as it was and they are a little concerned. She will be going back to the Hospital tomorrow for blood tests to see how her Platelets are holding up. She is scheduled for next Wednesday to get Platelets and another ECHO.

Jes threw up twice last night and unfortunately didn't sleep very well for her first night in her bed. She said she was very restless. I messed up the pump settings on her TPN meds so they didn't pump in like they were suppose to. What a night.

Team Catron had an injury to it's star player (Dee) yesterday. She woke up with diarrhea and throwing up. Not a good thing to get in the Hospital because you can't use the bathroom in the room. You have to run down the hall and hope one of the two bathrooms for the whole floor is open. She left early in the morning to try to stay away from infecting Jesse. Dakota came in to save the day (thanks to Chris Alvarez for the ride).

I left work early to take McKenzie to the Dentist (now she has a runny nose...oh my gosh), get some meds for the Momma, and headed to the Hospital to bring Jesse home.

I want to thank Erica, David and Michelle for dropping everything they were doing, when Dakota called them on a very short notice, and come over and help sanitize the house for Jesse. They came in and really cleaned the house. Michelle went to the store for us and got some essentials that Dee had planned on stopping and getting (toilet paper) but was to sick on her drive home. Michelle got some other necessities (like butterfingers (my weakness) and cold medicine and food). Thank you all so much.

My words fall short of my real feelings towards you guys and everyone else that has been so emotionally and financially supportive. It really hits me, when I finally have time to just sit down and breath, how many people have reached out to us in so many ways. The blessings we have received are humbling. I hope to be that giving and supportive when my turn comes. You all have taught me so much of what I lack and fall short of in my life. Thank you all so much.

Have a blessed day


DuPeire Family said...

We a so happy that Jesse is home. Praying for Dee and Makenzie to get better soon. What a blessing it is to be surrounded by so many who are extending God's love and help in a time of need! Though we don't always comment know that we are keeping up with you all and we are praying for you all! We love you guys! Love, The DuPeire's

Kris said...

I would like to bring dinner over for the family. Can someone call me or give me a number to who is setting up dinner and I would love to bring some homemade chicken and rice stoup for the family.
My email at home is Continued prayers to you and Jesse.
Love the Tramps

Kris said...

I would like to bring dinner over for the family. Can someone call me or give me a number to who is setting up dinner and I would love to bring some homemade chicken and rice stoup for the family.
My email at home is Continued prayers to you and Jesse.
Love the Tramps

Erica said...

So glad she's home!! Its an honor to walk this journey with you all. Praying for healing for Deanna and Kenz. Much love to all of you. I'll be over tomorrow night with some dinner and hangin. :)

praisinyahweh said...

Hey there ..

I am so grateful that you are all finally able to spend a little time at home! Dee and Makensie .. I pray quick health to you. Jesse ... you have shown me a spirit that is so strong for such a young one ... I pray a blessed time at home for you. Clent ... I pray God's strength lift, support and fill you beyond earthly measure each and every morning! ... Oh, and butterfingers whenever you need them!

You are all in my prayers always!

Anonymous said...

To all you beautifu Catrons-
Praise God Jesse was able to come home!! Even yesterday morning it didn't sound like they were going to let her leave.

I'm so glad you get to sleep in your very own room Jesse. It's so comfy!! We are praying for you to have a peace filled week, surrounded by your loving family, and that your appetitie is Huge!! Gotta help your Dad eat up all those lovely Butterfingers babe!!

I sure hope you're feeling better today as well Deanna. Your 'new shade of Ivory' was just alittle light for you!! I felt so bad for you yesterday, what a day!!!
I totally considered it such an honor to get THE call from Dakota, what a Blessing that you would consider me to help you guys out! I want to do So Much more for you, so helping out around your house, and having a Blast with McKenzie at the story (and Burger King of course!!) was the Least I could do. Like God's Word says, "It's more Blessed to Give than to Receive" Truely, Truely it is!!!
Speaking of which... this Thurs sounds like it will be a Reeeally Crazy day at the Catron house.
Please let us know if we can drive you to the hospital (either for Clent Or Jesse, Or to the airport!!) We are there for you Ok??? So you call as well as Dakota please.
We love you guys, and are Rejoicing with you that your Sweet baby is home with her family.
Love, Michele & Chris Alvarez & Family

Anonymous said...

Catrons; We are so glad you are all home. So sorry everyone isn't 100% healthy, but am thanking God for what you have, and the better health that is coming! Weary soldiers, don't give up, but gain strength in the might of the Lord, and in His Word. Quote scripture to each other, and encourage each other in psalms and singing. It is sometimes hard to remember that life is all about HIM, when you hurt and are tired. But He IS our life, breath, our very being, strength, hope, joy, laughter, singing, our Lord and King for eternity.

When you can, give each other hugs for us, and tell each other we love them.

Praying and praising always for you,
Grandma and Grandpa

Wash your hands and say your prayers, Cause germs and God are everywhere!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Friends,coworkers, and Church family of the Clent Catron family;

Thank you! Words can never express the deeply heartfelt thanks and gratitude we feel towards you for helping our children--grown up as they are. We thank God for each of you for stepping in and doing all you have done, when we couldn't. Had we been able to be there, as we wished, we could not have done all you have been able to help with and accomplish. THANK YOU for being the extended hands and feet of Jesus!! We praise God for you, and pray His blessings upon each of you, spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, financial, and great joy.

Your notes to Jesse and the family are also very encouraging to us.

In His great love,