Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 6 at Home

Good Morning,

The days seem to be going by very quickly, already 6 days at home. The Catrons want to say thank you again to Brian and Amy for coming down from Oregon to help us out. They cooked us wonderful meals, and spent quality time with chatty cathy AKA-Mckenzie. We hope that the warm Arizona weekend dried out your web feet. They also got to go to Jesse's outpatient appointment to receive more platelets. We all lined up in the chairs and watched What Not To Wear. Unfortunately, Jesse's platelets where done before the show ended, and we all contemplating not leaving so we could finish the show. This gal needed serious help, and we wanted to see the new and improved look.
Jesse will be seeing the cardiologist today. We are not really sure what machine they will be hooking her up to, but it should be a pain free day for Jesse.

Jesse still does not feel like eating, but I think today we will push the peaches on her. She did really well last round on peaches and pineapple.

Clent is recovering ~slowly~ he is not able to go to work today, as he thought he would before he had the surgery. I guess old man syndrome is a factor in a quick recovery.
Dakota is back from her retreat. She had a great time, and placed 2nd in the "Williams Idol" contest. She sang the song on Jesse's site - Praise you through the storm - Good job Jo!!!

We will give an update if we have any news from the cardiologist today.

Much Love,

Team Catron


Mark said...

Hi Catrons

Glad to hear that things are going well. Jesse, the time will pass quickly at home, so keep having a great time with your family, and even though you will not be looking forward to the next round of Chemo, it will get you one step closer to being done with it!! Until then though, enjoy your own bed and the love and comfort of your family and friends.

Clent I hope your pain goes down soon. I don't want any excuses from you when I get back down there for a rematch at horse. Even though you could probably beat me with your left hand as well, I'll make sure I'm ready for you next time.

Hello to everyone. We'll keep up the prayers and well wishes for each of you.

Love The Rieger's

P.S. We saw the Ducks get their first Pac 10 win Saturday night! We had a great time.

Anonymous said...


I am Matt's Biology teacher. My church is having a Healing Mission today and tomorrow. Services are at 10 AM and 7 PM both days. The morning and evening sessions will be the same, but Monday's and Tuesday's messages will be different.

St. Clare's Church, SW corner of Cotton Lane and Bell Rd. in Surprise.

Your amazing, beautiful family is in my prayers.

Jennifer Mathews

elliott/alterman said...

well, back to rain and temps in the 40's. thank all of you again for the hospitality and allowing us to help where we could. Hope the heart appointments produce the results that will benefit Jesse the most, whichever way that turns.

hope Clent is continuing to improve - i know that apple pie has been known to have miraculous recovery powers.

congrats Jo on the second place finish - you must have worked it

and Mckenzie, thanks for showing us the town and helping with all the cooking - we couldnt have done it without you...oh, and snap, say hi to sparkle, jakey, maui and the gang.

take care, all of us

Anonymous said...

l0l, they put 2nd, she was actualy the top singer!!!! I could not stop hugging her!!! Good job Dakota!!! I love you I am happy you had fun and had time to get away!! I cant wait till Jesse can go too!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a family that continually amazes me. Each day as I read I am more and more amazed at how you remain strong and continue with the things that you need to do and desire to do. All the while continuing to take care of Jesse, Clent and the health of the rest of the family. The Lord really picked some great warriors in you.

We love you!


Erica said...

Praising the Lord for family time and less pain!

Praying for Clents recovery and todays appointment for Jess.

Much love to all of you! See you soon.

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Hello Catron Family,

I didn't get to the computer intil late, and was brain-dead by then, so didn't try to write. It was good talking to you earlier, Deanna. I always enjoy that.

We keep praising the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness in continuing to care for all of you, in all the ways only He can.

I didn't know about your competion, Dakota, congratulations!! --It wouldn't matter what the judges decided; You are number ONE with us!

We had been in hopes to visit you soon, but guess that won't happen. We will continue to pray and wait==God's timing is always right.

TOP GIRL! said...

So glad that you're enjoying your time @ home. It is such a blessing! :) EAT EAT EAT! My favorite fruit is peaches so eat one for me, k? Have a wonderful day Jesse!

God's Girl said...

You are so beautiful even when you don't feel well. We pray for you daily!

I was so excited to hear about the idol contest! Congratulations to you!

Well... we are still sick. I think it is because it is Sophie's first year of preschool. I look forward to seeing you all sometime soon (when I am healthy).

We love you Catrons!
Todd and Julie